How to Maintain the Value of Your Food Trucks

How to Maintain the Value of Your Food Trucks

Opening up a food truck business is becoming increasingly popular day by day than building a sit-down restaurant. Why? Two major reasons – lower startup capital and lower maintenance. If you have the money, of course, you’d prefer to buy a brand-new truck since there will be no depreciation costs to factor in and no major repairs to encounter.

But how about if you buy used? Well, lucky for you because there are well-maintained vehicles that still work at their peak efficiency despite being slightly used. If you’re looking for cheap food trucks for sale, remember to deal only with reputable sellers and dealers.

Whether your food truck is new or second-hand, it still holds value including all the equipment and furniture you have inside the business. While your truck is the most expensive investment in this kind of venture, still your appliances and utensils are of great value. To show you a simple valuation of your property, let us remember this formula:

Cost of truck + cost of equipment + labor for installation = Food truck value

If your truck is operating at maximum efficiency, much of your time would be spent selling your goods which means more revenues. Afterall, once your vehicle breaks down, your entire business stops. So, always remember to do regular truck maintenance.

How Do You Maintain Your Food Truck’s Worth?

Simple. Plan and schedule routine maintenance so that you can prevent issues before they even appear. Let’s admit it – repair costs are expensive. When your truck is properly maintained, you dramatically reduce unexpected costs and minimize downtime.

Whoever said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly had no idea that he was not only referring to fire safety in real life but also to health and wellness, and surprisingly, even vehicle maintenance!

Here are the key points to keep in your truck maintenance checklist:

  1. Change oil – Moisten your engine with the appropriate lubricant and you avoid breakdowns in the middle of your service.
  2. Check fluids – Your truck’s transmission, power steering, and brake need the right fluids to keep them functioning at peak efficiency.
  3. Inspect the battery – Once it starts to show signs of drying up, your truck becomes ‘irritable’. See to it that it’s not running out of electrolytes. But if it doesn’t work anymore, buy a new truck battery.
  4. Change air filters – Along with transmission, oil, and fuel, air filters are designed to protect your engine. Based on the manufacturer’s specifications, you need to check and change the filter to ensure your truck’s smooth operations.
  5. Keep an eye on the tires – Nothing can be more irritating than being faced with a flat tire right in the middle of service. Checking your tire pressure regularly means never having to fill up at the most inopportune time. Besides, you also see if there’s a leak that started.

A healthy food truck results in a more stable service and higher revenues as well. Make your business more profitable with a vehicle in good running condition. If you’re thinking of expanding your fleet of mobile kitchens, find cheap food trucks for sale at UsedVending. Check out this link for a wide array of choices.

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