How to polarize a car? – Practical Guide

How to polarize a car? - Practical Guide

The first premise of how to polarize a car is to put yourself in the hands of a professional.

Applying the sheets on any surface is complicated, since if we do not have experience in it, air bubbles can remain, which makes it look bad and reduces the useful life of the sheet. Doing it on a car has extra complication due to the curvature of the windows. However, for the more risky or for professionals, here is a tutorial.

Tutorial: How to polarize a car

In view of the fact that we already know how a glass or a window should be polarized, it would be good and interesting to analyze how a car should be precisely polarized. To make any polarized we need the same materials; Tinted paper, a spray bottle, pens and squeeges, water, detergent, and a knife or cutter.

As we already know, it is always important to have our crystals as clean and dry as possible, so that no dirt or impurity will remain between the glass and the sheet. It should always be pre-cut before gluing, and in the case of vehicles it should be calculated by linearly measuring the windows. This means that we will omit all curves from the design of the door frame, and we will work only with rectangular pieces and considering an additional 2.5 cm at the top, which will be hidden under the window frame. In the case of the rear glass, we must measure in the same way, only that we must cut vertically to the width of the roll.

When it comes to polarizing a car, the most important thing is meticulousness, because a poorly coordinated movement could ruin the sheet. Always consider at least one centimeter more than the highest part of the window. Once the polarized sheet has been adhered, the excesses must be removed with a knife specially designed for this.

How to tint the rear glass of the car?  As we already mentioned, this is the most complex glass to install tinted, given its curvature, so we will need to previously thermoform with a heat gun.

To take into consideration

It is important to take into account the density of color or transparency of the sheet that we are applying to our windows. Although it is true that all polarization can be removed, it is good to take into account and know what the final results will be after finishing the polarization. We surely want to be totally satisfied with the tinting of our vehicle.

Finally, we must assume that by current regulations the two front windows and the windshield should not be tinted with dark films (5% or 20%).



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