How to Spend an Amazing Weekend in Brussels?

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Would you like to eat the world’s best cuisine and traditional food of a particular city during this vacation? Then it would be best if you visited Brussels to say a city of delicious food. Here we have rounded up the most admired places in the city, so if you want, you can add them to your bucket list this site.


What about Brussels?


Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the historical center of the Brussels-Capital Region. It is also the directorial center of the European Union and is thus often called, along with the region, the EU’s capital city. 


The city is known for its delicious cuisine and cooking, including local waffles, chocolate, French fries, and numerous types of beers, as well as its ancient and architectural milestones. Few of the city’s monuments are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Delta Airlines tickets are easily available to reach this destination because this airline offers its services on this route daily.


The prominent visiting places to spend a weekend in Brussels-


Grand Place- This place can be your start point if you are going to visit Brussels city. The great location is the town center where you can see the most wonderful buildings in the nation. It is the place that shares space from the town hall to galeries royales Saint-Hubert. There are a few tombstones in the city.


Manneken Pis is an interesting place to visit just down from the great site. It is the statue of a peeing boy; actually, it is a statue of Bronze in which a naked boy urinated into a fountain. Confirm your ticket within Delta Airlines Booking policies and can take benefit of the occasional offers.


Mont Des Arts- You can go to Mont des arts in your free time and enjoy your evening by exploring the amazing sunset view. You can glimpse the garden and city landmarks from the hill.


Chocolate Workshop- It is one of the prominent places on your tour. The best place to taste a delicious variety of chocolates and you can shop for them. Several workshops are available so that you can add this place to your Brussels journey. Please go through the delta Airlines Flight website, check their manual trip, book your tickets as per your preferred date, and taste the variety of chocolates by reaching here.


Marolles Flea Market– One fact related to this market that will surprise you is that it is the only market in the world that opens 7-days a week,365 days a year; avoid the crowd you can reach here in the early morning. Here you can see many vendors that offer antiques and old items at affordable prices. The market opens daily from 6 am to 2 pm. If you want to shop from this world-renowned market, then book your flight with Delta airlines Manage booking policy that offers tickets at low fares and addresses your itinerary in an emergency.


The most popular places to eat are-


Maison Dandoy – You can taste amazing waffles that you have never tested anywhere else. 

Pistolet Original – Eat delicious snacks with traditional Belgian buns.

Frit Flagey – No doubt this place offers the most delicious fries in the city.


So, to spend a few minutes from your busy schedule, book delta airlines tickets, land in Brussels, and make your weekend perfect.

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