How to Write the Perfect Title by Peter DeCaprio


“It’s like he can read my mind.” “She’s not like any of the other girls I’ve dated before.” “He treats me with respect.” “They won’t stop calling me even after I told them not to.”

Here is How to Write the Perfect Title: Peter DeCaprio.

  • Read these quotes and you’d probably agree that they’re part of a problem many people face today — love addiction. Love addicts are addicted to the idea of being in love, even when they know their relationship is bad for them. In fact, it usually gets worse because instead of recognizing that this person will never be good for them, they continue the relationship hoping that things will change. However, what happens more often than not is a cycle where love addicts go from one unhealthy relationship to another until they’re ready to change their life altogether.
  • People who are in love addiction aren’t just after any kind of relationship, they’re after the type of relationships where their knight in shining armor will pop out of thin air and sweep them off their feet. For some people this happens once, for others it’s a cycle that continues until someone else finally breaks them down. Regardless, it has become a problem more people face today than ever before because more people are looking for love instead of taking time on themselves to learn how to fall in love with being single.
  • If you’ve been wondering why you can’t seem to get over your last breakup or if you have the same problems every time you start seeing someone new, read the following guide on five surefire ways to write the perfect title for your next relationship.
  • No One is perfect

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  • If you’ve spent years looking for a companion, there’s a good chance that you have yet to realize how expecting perfection from someone who isn’t perfect is the biggest reason why you’re still single. There was this time I went out with a girl and right after we got back to my place, she asked me if I had a condom. I said no and she was just like “Okay.” There wasn’t even a hint of disappointment in her voice that sent me into over-analyzing every little detail about our conversation trying to figure out what she was thinking or feeling at the moment when I realized it didn’t matter because this kind of stuff happens in every single relationship you’ll ever have, not to mention that it’s usually the little things people say or do when they’re comfortable around each other which matters more than anything.

What’s the perfect title?

  • The one that makes you want to click to read more. Here are some secrets for writing titles that do just that.
  • Titles should be active, not passive. “It was believed that” becomes “Believe it or not, they thought this.” I like to think of this as the “Walmart Test”: would you put this phrase on a sign above the store entrance? No. So don’t use it in your title either.
  • Titles should be written for search engines, not people. Your article’s descriptive text (the Meta tag) is like an ad you’d see on Google or Bing; it tells searchers what they’re going to find when they click the link to your site. The words in your title make up one of those keywords, so that’s why it needs to be descriptive and search-friendly. And don’t forget to include the main keywords at least once within the first three sentences of text!
  • Titles should sound natural, not manufactured. They should flow off the tongue. If you had to read it out loud, would you trip over anything? Does the first part of your title need a comma to separate it from the second part?
  • Titles should be precise. Use as many relevant keywords as possible. The more specific you are the better. It’s more effective than recycling some vague phrase like “tips for improving” because people searching for those tips will click on your site instead of someone else’s.
  • At Copy Press, we know how difficult it can be to come up with a catchy and searchable title! Our software automatically generates titles and subtitles based on our analysis of your content and web sources; the result is an article that reads naturally but still satisfies all these requirements. Try it today: browse articles or enter your own text to see what our system can come up with!


You’re single because you haven’t found anyone who can make your heart sing.

No one has what it takes to sweep you off your feet yet, but that’s okay because no one was built to be perfect. They were simply put here to try their best while they are around and there’s always someone worth trying for if you look hard enough says Peter DeCaprio.

It’s just a matter of time before you find someone who hits all the right chords and makes your head spin. In the meantime, keep writing those songs and playing those shows for as many people as possible because soon enough, there will be one person out there who loves hearing them as much as you do.


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