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Python is a popular course in software because of its ability to assimilate easily with other technologies. Along with it, python also has more consistency and has higher programming productivity. This is especially very useful in large projects. One should be able to understand the concepts while learning Python. Learning python will help in the creation of codes that are simple yet functional and comprehensive. Python training helps to gain knowledge about the architecture and basics of scripts and applications.

What is taught in Python?

  • You will learn to test Python applications and get strong integration and also text processing capabilities.
  • You will learn how to utilize the features of python that will allow you to link with most databases, web technologies and also document processing abilities.

This course will be suitable for professionals and also students who would want to pursue a career in software programming or web development and applications. To learn Python you should be familiar with the following;

Basic programming concepts and object-oriented concepts. Python consists of 10 modules.

Each python course module consists of various topics that you will be learning.

Module 1 has the following

  • Installations and versions 2. x and 3. x
  • History of Python
  • Uses of python.
  • Start of Python.
  • Interpreter path.
  • Use of an interpreter.
  • Running the scrip[t of python.
  • Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows
  • Python Editors and IDEs
  • Using Variables, Keywords
  • Some built-in  Functions
  • Strings, Different Literals, Math Operators and Expressions
  • Writing to the Screen
  • String Formatting
  • Command Line Parameters

Module 2 is about the Flow control in the path. In this module, you will learn

  • About Flow Control
  • Indenting is significant
  • The if and elif statements
  • while loops
  • Using lists
  • Using the for statement
  • The range() function

Module 3 is about sequences and operations.

  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Indexing and Slicing
  • Iterating through a Sequence
  • Functions for all Sequences
  • Using Enumerate()
  • Operators and Keywords for Sequences
  • The range() function
  • List Comprehensions
  • Generator Expressions
  • Dictionaries and Sets

Module 4 is about functions

  • Syntax of the function definition
  • Formal parameters
  • Global versus local variables
  • Passing parameters and returning values

Module 5 is about working with files.

  • Text file I/O overview
  • Opening a text file
  • Reading text files
  • Raw (binary) data
  • Using the pickle module
  • Writing to a text file

Module 6 is about errors and expecting to handle them.

  • Dealing with syntax errors
  • Exceptions
  • Handling exceptions with try/except
  • Cleaning up with finally

Module 7 is about dictionaries and sets.

  1. Dictionary overview
  2. Creating dictionaries
  3. Dictionary functions
  4. Fetching keys or values
  5. Testing for existence of elements
  6. Deleting elements

Module 8 is about using modules.

  1. The Import Statement
  2. Module Search Path
  3. Package Installation Ways

Module 9 is about regular expressions.

  1. RE Objects
  2. Pattern matching
  3. Parsing data
  4. Subexpressions
  5. Complex substitutions
  6. RE tips and tricks

Module 10 is about the object-oriented project in python

  1. Introduction to Python Classes
  2. Defining Classes
  3. Initializers
  4. Instance Methods
  5. Properties
  6. Class Methods and Data
  7. Static Methods
  8. Private Methods and Inheritance
  9. Module Aliases and Regular Expressions

Features of Python.

  • Python is a programming language and could be quite challenging even for a beginner or a professional.
  • Python is object-oriented, but not exclusively.
  • If you have an object-oriented background like java might look strange. Even though python supports the object-oriented program, it can still add functions directly to the script.
  • Python is not strongly typed. It uses the concept of dynamic typing. In other words, the value of the variable in Python has different abilities. The actual matter type does not matter. Whitespace matters in Python
  • It sometimes might seem odd to highlight something superficial as whitespace which is an important aspect of Python’s syntax.
  • Python uses subdivision to indicate scope. Generally, in python, a code block can be defined by statements that share the same superficial scope.

● Python uses  virtual environments to prevent dependency conflict

  • The virtual environment which is usually the Python interpreter would have been installed on your system. But for the development, you will want to create a virtual environment which will be a manuscript of the interpreter that is designed explicitly for that environment.
  • The main reason to use the virtual environment is because of the dependencies. If the virtual environment is not used the dependencies that are installed will have compatibility issues. In creating a virtual environment the dependencies installed will only exist for that environment which further allows you to do multiple tasks without any system conflicts.
  • There are many ways to manage python virtual environments which include the built-in veiny command and also utility packages.

Accomplishment after learning Python

Once you complete the course you will be able to master the concepts of python programming and will be able to write your scripts. You will also learn object-oriented programming, variables, and also control flow structure. The other accomplishments are writing and testing the robust code, use of modules and dictionaries, dealing with errors, and learning to work with files.

Projects that you do behandling.

After the course, all the candidates will be working on the projects to be familiar with the concepts that they have learned. The project can also be a live industrial project where the certification will be awarded after the completion of the project successfully.


Python is widely used for processing text, numbers, images, or scientific data, and also has many applications in many environments you will make a pl. It will be an asset if you get hands-on knowledge then you can expect a successful career in python programming.

The course will accomplish you with concepts of python and help you to get familiar with the basics of writing and running python scripts. When you learn python you will get an opportunity to explore various real-world perspectives.

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