Inhalant Addiction vs. Drug Addiction and Similarities Between Both


Inhalant abuse is rampant in the US, especially among young people. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that one in every five teenagers in America have had used an inhalant either in school or at home.

According to Nebraska drug rehab specialists, in most cases, youngsters start to sniff in grade school. One of the commonest reasons is peer pressure. Another reason is they believe these are common chemicals used in school and the household, so are harmless.

Unfortunately, once they inhale it, they want to inhale again. And then, it becomes tough to say ‘no’ to inhalants.

How to tell somebody is abusing inhalant?

Do you know there are over 1000 inhalants present around you that can be abused?

It’s also a bit difficult to catch a person addicted to these chemicals. Somebody frequently putting up the marker pen near their nose can be an addict or is doing this just due to habit. Trust your gut feeling in this case. If you feel your loved one is behaving abnormally or has quite a lot of marker pens than normal, you might want to call the drug addiction hotline.

Addiction to inhalant vs. Addiction to drugs

Addiction to inhalant is different from that of drugs in the sense that you don’t find drugs lying here and there in the house. But, inhalants, yes, you can find them almost everywhere you see.

Your nail polish remover is sitting prettily near your wardrobe. Your deodorant is right there in the bathroom cabinet. The marker pens, glues, and adhesives that you often use are just here, inside the table drawer. The paint thinner that your dad bought recently is stacked coolly in the backyard.

These are only a few examples of how inhalants are a part of our lives. Imagine you getting addicted to sniffing them!

Inhalants are perfectly legal and readily available at your nearest stores. On the contrary, drugs are illegal substances. You cannot simply step inside a store and ask for a pack of heroin or cocaine. But yes, you can certainly ask for a bottle of spray paint or paint thinner.

You must have a secret network to get hold of crack or heroin. You need not sneak somewhere to get a jar of household cleaner.

Moreover, nobody would raise an eyebrow or call the police, if somebody sees you with a can of gasoline or air conditioning coolant.

So, you see, it’s easier to fall into the trap of inhalant addiction.

It’s difficult to get out of it.

Similarities between addiction to inhalants and addiction to drugs

Both are difficult to overcome. Both can destroy your health.

In fact, inhalants are more dangerous than heroin, says one expert at the rehab center. This is because you may die of a heroin overdose, but in the case of inhalants, you may die in just a single sniff!

Certain chemicals are so powerful they can shut down your brain and heart in an instant.

Apart from this, both inhalants and drugs produce terrible withdrawal symptoms. So, you must enroll in drug rehab or ask for a consultation with an online suboxone doctor in both cases.

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