Internet News: How to Choose the Best Website Browser

How to Choose the Best Website Browser

About 4.88 billion individuals from across the globe use the internet every day, a 222 million increase from last year.  All internet users from across the divide have one thing in common. They all use internet browsers to gain access to websites and pages on the World Wide Web.

Most internet users pay little or no mind to the web browser they use for their usual browsing activities. However, we’ve got internet news for you. The type of browser you use plays a huge role in shaping your browsing experience, specifically the seamlessness of your browsing.

There are several web browsers for your consideration. We’re here to help you choose the best one. Today, we’ll be looking at how you can pick the best web browser from the pack.

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Google Chrome

Chrome is undoubtedly the world’s largest web browser, with a 64.06% market share, edging out Internet Explorer, which previously held the top spot. The reason for  Chrome’s popularity is because it’s super fast. With Chrome, you can open up multiple tabs in a few clicks, and all the tabs will run without a hitch.

Chrome is plain and simple with only a search box, where users can type in whatever they want to search. Plus, signing into Chrome allows users to sync their data and accounts across multiple devices, providing unmatched continuity.

Another excellent Chrome feature is its compatibility with different themes, apps, and extensions. These apps and extensions help refine your browsing experience and increase productivity.

The web browser works on all platforms, including Chromebooks, Windows PCs, and Macs. Click on this link to learn how to install Chrome on Mac computers in a flash.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox works the same as Chrome but is a tad slower, making it come second after Chrome. However, in recent years, Firefox has been giving Chrome a run for its money with updates that make it lighter and smoother.

This lightness makes Firefox use less RAM, making it a lot faster. The only downside with Firefox is that it’s very power-intensive and will drain your laptop battery. This is especially true if you’re playing online games or watching HD videos.

On matters of privacy, Firefox has the edge over Chrome. If you’re worried about your browsing privacy, you’re better off with Firefox. Mozilla won’t share or buy any of your browsing data to guarantee ultimate browsing privacy.

You should also opt for Firefox if you want to sidestep all the bells and whistles of Chrome. For some people, Chrome is packed with too many features, making it seem less like a browser. Firefox is plain and simple and just lets you browse the internet.

Apple Safari

The notion that Safari only works on Apple devices is far from the truth. Safari also works on PCs and devices other than  Apple devices. However, it’s true that Safari works much better on Apple devices.

You’ll love Safari’s cleanness and simplicity from the get-go. It’s super easy to use and works like a charm with devices from Apple. That’s because you can synchronize data from multiple Apple devices and enjoy cross-platform compatibility.

One excellent feature of Safari for Apple users is the iCloud Keychain. iCloud keychain lets users store all the passwords they use on Safari. This saves them the trouble of entering new passwords every time they switch to another device.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge or just Edge is the default browser for all PCs that run on Windows. Microsoft Edge uses Internet Explorer, but that will come to an end on June 15th, 2022.

The latest version of Edge features a customizable homepage that you can tweak to your preference.  Edge also has a slight edge over other web browsers because it supports screen capture, Dolby Digital, and ObjectRTC.

The Edge team has also turned its focus to privacy, given that it was a pain point for previous versions of the browser. With improved privacy, users can now browse in peace without worrying about third parties compromising their security.

Another excellent feature of Edge worth your attention is the Immersive Reading Mode. This feature allows you to read online text clearly with zero distractions. It’s great for reading blogs and online studying.

If you want, you can make the browser read the text out loud. Edge takes reading out loud to the next level by including intonation that makes it sound more natural.

Tor Browser

When it comes to browsing security, few browsers come close to Tor Browser. Although not a household name, the Tor browser is a staple for tech enthusiasts worldwide. The browser won’t store any changes to your IP address and browsing data, including cookies and history.

However, all this privacy and security comes at a huge cost. To ensure ultimate privacy, Tor Browser skips certain data nodes. Other browsers store these nodes to make web pages load faster when you visit them again.

Skipping these data nodes makes Tor Browser dreadfully slow. However, if you don’t mind slow speeds and need ultimate security. Tor Browser is just what the doctor ordered.

Iridium Browser

Iridium is a simple and secure browser based on Chromium. In case you don’t know, Chromium is an open-source browser by Chrome. It’s easier to use than Tor Browser and allows developers to tweak Chrome’s source code and see how it works.

If you’re not a developer, the Iridium browser may not be the best choice for a web browser. That’s because it crashes a lot more than Chrome and is harder to use.

Internet News: Picking a Web Browser Made Easy

Picking a website browser should be a breeze, with the above information. Just ensure you pick one that aligns with your specific needs and your device. You can jump from one browser to another until you find the perfect one.

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