Introducing the Supercapacitor – New Vape Technology


The technology and innovation that goes into creating a vape device is ever-changing. 

New devices, batteries and methods are coming out so fast it may be a bit tricky to keep up with the latest devices. 

Today we will talk about one of the newest vape devices and how it is turning the world of batteries on its heels. 

If this device isn’t in your local speciality vape shop yet, it will be soon.

The Dotmod device

The Dotstick Revo Dotmod device is a revolutionary device made by the USA makers Dotmod. 

This device uses a supercapacitor instead of the traditional lithium-ion battery. 

The device fires instantly, delivering energy to the device 10 times faster than the average vaping device. 

These devices are safer than other devices due to the low internal resistance, which produces less heat than a standard battery.

It is lightweight with a 3.5 ml pod tank.

Magnets hold the pod firmly in place.

There are 3 settings for power, with a 5 to 35 watt power output.

A 3 colour Fire-button LED battery level indicator, easy to slide airflow switch, and long-lasting coils work together to deliver a lasting flavour and battery life.

It can charge with the use of a USB-C charger cord. 

Benefits of the new ‘battery’

A supercapacitor is better than the standard lithium-ion battery.

It can hold approximately 700 Mah if it was compared to a lithium-ion battery.

The supercapacitor is fast charging and lightweight. 

With a 30-watt charger, this ‘battery’ can charge in only 5 minutes. 

Besides delivering energy faster, a supercapacitor can last through over 15,000 cycles of charging without degradation — a lithium-ion battery typically gets around 300 cycles.

Device care

When you receive this device you will receive a Revo tank, 2 coils, 2 mouthpieces, and the USB-C charging cable. 

To set the device up, ensure the supercapacitor has a full charge.

Prime your coil and fill the tank. 

After your tank is filled, attach it to the device and allow it to sit for around 5 minutes to saturate the coils, like you would for any device. 

Use the airflow switch to adjust for your ideal draw, and set the power settings to the desired levels.

These settings can be played with until you reach the desired effect from your device. 

Keep in mind, the more the airflow is open, the tighter the draw is, and vice versa. 

Priming your coils and allowing it to sit will ensure you do not damage your coil or have a burnt out taste. 

You should ideally replace your coils every few days — depending on the amount you vape. 

If you are looking for the newest and greatest devices, stop by your local vape shop to pick up a Dotstick Revo. 

This device can charge in five minutes, has 3 power levels, and delivers you a great experience for longer.

Try your favourite flavour in this new device, and experience the future in vaping for yourself today. 


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