Is Liquid Chlorophyll Safe for Everyone?


Liquid chlorophyll is now a global sensation that has taken social media storm. But what is this substance that many influencers are promoting online? Well, for starters, chlorophyll is the green pigmentation in plants. While it has proven benefits in plants, we can’t say the same for humans. Yes, people have made all manner of claims about it. However, science hasn’t yet proven them all. And if it has some benefits, the studies are limited. This article will help you understand chlorophyll better and whether it is safe for consumption. For those of you who already know the basics about a chlorophyll shot, you can get it from

Is Chlorophyll Shot Safe for Everyone?

While research on this new craze is still ongoing, there are some studies already showing how chlorophyll is safe for human consumption. There isn’t any toxic substance in it, so this means that you can comfortably use it as a supplement. What is still yet to be revealed is whether the claimed benefits are actually true.

Nonetheless, it is still important that you use chlorophyll in moderation. Dosage is the best to use in this case, and that’s why supplements are administered in chlorophyll shot dispensations.

You can’t totally rule out the possibility of chlorophyll affecting certain groups of people. That is why it would be best to consult your nutritionist or doctor before using any chlorophyll shot. This is especially the case when you’re pregnant or have some sort of underlying condition.

What You Need to Know About Chlorophyll

Before you get too tangled in the web of online statements about taking chlorophyll, there are a few things you need to have at the back of your mind. They are essential when you’re just starting your first chlorophyll shot.

Liquid Chlorophyll Shot May be Better than Tablet Form

There are different ways that you can take a chlorophyll shot. You can decide to use the liquid way, the tablet form, or even topically. It all depends on the type of use and your preferences.

Many of the online celebrities and influencers prefer liquid chlorophyll. And that is why you will see most of them parading themselves online with glasses of green substances that you sit and wonder what they are. Yes, these are liquid chlorophyll shot dosages that come to be after adding chlorophyll to a drink of your choice.

The advantage of using liquid chlorophyll over their tablet counterparts is that the body absorbs it faster. Nonetheless, you can discuss the best method to take chlorophyll with your doctor or nutritionist.

Nothing Can Replace a Healthy Diet or Lifestyle

While people use chlorophyll and claim its many benefits, it is not a magic gate pass to good health. You still need to check on your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The common misconception online is that you will be healthier and get all of its benefits as long as you’re taking a chlorophyll shot. Yes, it might have several proven and unproven benefits. However, it is not a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

While a chlorophyll shot can help boost metabolism and produce more energy for the body, it will not replace healthy foods that give you sufficient power. Also, it can help with weight loss, and control doesn’t mean that you stop exercising or hitting the gym.

The basic idea around taking a chlorophyll shot is to supplement what you’re already having and doing. That is even the reason why it is a supplement – it is only to add to the efforts you’re already putting in place. It is not going to replace these efforts.

Are there any Risks in Taking a Chlorophyll Shot?

Chlorophyll is non-poisonous and non-toxic. However, it may or may not affect the person consuming it. Here are some of the risk factors that are common in many individuals taking these chlorophyll shot dispensations:


A chlorophyll shot can cause loose stools, even though the effect is rare. You might also notice that the stool has a strange colour. But this can go on for up to 24 hours. After that, you need to consult your doctor.


Stomach cramps accompanied by diarrhea may also occur. Again, these aren’t dangerous but make a person uncomfortable.

Burning or Itching

While some choose to take chlorophyll in liquid form, others topically. It may cause an itching or burning sensation when it comes into contact with your skin. This is the reason we strongly advise that you take your chlorophyll shot in liquid form only.

Final Thoughts

Generally, chlorophyll is safe for most, if not all. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt consulting your nutritionist or doctor before starting to consume this supplement.

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