Learn What To Do With Your Already Vaped Bud


Many folks would rather vape pot than smoke it. Frequently, users discard cannabis Already Been Vaped (‘ABV’). Many individuals are unaware that vaped marijuana still includes cannabinoids and terpenes. Continue reading to learn ways you can put ABV marijuana to good use. You can get THC vape oil to help utilize leftover products.

Learn What To Do With Your Already Vaped Bud

You will undoubtedly note that it appears different after vaping, whether you name it AVB or ABV. ABV stands for “Already Been Vaped,” while AVB is for “Already Vaped Bud.” Although the color has changed from green to brown, this does not imply it is no longer helpful.

The smell of already-vaped cannabis differs significantly from that of freshly ground-up weed. You may be able to detect some terpenes that have survived the vaping process in the ABV/AVB, but they will not have the same rich scent as fresh cannabis. You can get a bitter flavor if you attempt to smoke your vaped bud.

What is the THC content of ABV?

The amount of THC left in your vaped bud depends on three factors.

First and foremost, the temperature of your vaporizer is critical. There are more residual cannabinoids in ABV if you vape at a lower temperature than if you vape at a higher temperature. The length of time you vape is the second variable. ABV/AVB from a brief vape session is more likely to be high in cannabis than ABV from a lengthy one.

The amount of THC in your pot at the purchase is the last factor. If you were fortunate enough to smoke a variety with approximately 25% THC, your ABV would undoubtedly have greater residual THC levels than a lesser THC strain.

It is impossible to estimate how much THC is in your previously vaped pot since many factors exist. However, some research suggests that up to one-third of the original THC may remain in your AVB cannabis. Anecdotal evidence from AVB supporters suggests it is not nearly that high, with only 10% -20% of the original THC remaining. The most incredible tip for anybody who uses AVB cannabis is to be careful while evaluating the finished results, just in case they are more potent than anticipated.

If you rolled a joint and tried smoking AVB, you would detect a bitter flavor and a slight sensation.

Cannabutter and oils from ABV

It is important to remember that decarboxylation of the AVB herb is not required. That was already taken care of by your vaporizer. So, transfer the cannabinoids in your AVB marijuana to the oil or butter.

For this, use the standard procedures. Put the ABV weed in a pan with boiling water and butter (or oil). The cannabinoids will have dissolved preferentially in the butter/oil after 2-4 hours of simmering (be cautious not to boil dry). The cannabutter (or cannabis-infused oil) can be helpful in traditional culinary methods. However, ABV cannabutter will have a quarter of the power of cannabutter containing fresh cannabis.

Coconut oil is often present in cannabis oil or ABV marijuana oil production. It is simple to get in most stores, and the body absorbs it quickly.

Recipe for ABV cannabutter

It usually takes a long time for folks to gather a sufficient amount of previously vaped marijuana. Do not be scared to use it since it is less potent than fresh buds. Begin by warming one cup of water and one cup of butter in a saucepan. Add a cup of ABV marijuana to the mix. Toss the ingredients and let it cook for a while. THC has previously been decarboxylated and is thus psychoactive. Simmering causes the oil-soluble THC to dissolve more readily in the butter/oil. After a few hours, strain through a cloth and chill in the refrigerator. The butter/oil will have solidified the next day and may be retrieved and used in cooking, delicacies, or toast.

Capsules with ABV

Putting your previously vaped buds into empty capsules and swallowing them with a drink is a simple method to take them. So, fill the pills with your decarboxylated ABV marijuana and drink them. Empty capsules may be purchased online or at a health food shop. Gelatine capsules or vegan alternatives are available.

Dosage of ABV cannabis pills

Tolerance to cannabis varies a lot from one individual to the next. This situation makes recommending ABV cannabis pill amounts tricky and maybe irresponsible. There are also doubts about the THC levels in your AVB and the tolerance issue.

Weed tinctures with a high alcohol content

If you manufacture cannabis oil from your ABV marijuana, you may use it as an Avb tincture by putting it in a dropper bottle. This process enables you to discreetly dispense a few drops from your dropper bottle into your mouth whenever the need arises.

ABV coffee or tea

Some individuals make tea and coffee with their AVB marijuana. According to one recipe, microwave a couple of tablespoons of AVB marijuana in milk for ABV coffee. Microwaving, warming, and stirring the ABV cannabis and milk allows the cannabinoids in the ABV weed to move to the fatty components in the milk (cannabinoids are oil/fat-soluble). Pour the heated milk into your coffee through the coffee filter and enjoy.

Is it legal to smoke such cannabis?

Yes, however, you will notice that AVB cannabis lacks the sweetness and flavor of fresh marijuana. Many folks like to let their ABV cannabis water cure for a few days before smoking it.

Remember that you will consume the majority of the THC and other cannabinoids during the first cannabis smoke. The smoke will not be as strong as it would be if the buds were fresh. However, the milder high with AVB marijuana could be handy when you do not want to become too high early in the day.

Ingesting AVB

The majority of vapers choose to manufacture an oil or butter from their cannabis. However, if you want, you may consume it. Remember that the vaporizer decarboxylated your AVB cannabis. Now, add the vaped cannabis to your recipe and eat it. Some individuals like first to employ a water curing method to eliminate any harsh aftertaste with vaped weed/bud.


Many factors rely on your tolerance and the number of residual cannabinoids left in your vaped buds. If you estimate that a ‘normal’ pot has approximately 15% THC, ABV weed is more likely to have around 3-4 percent THC (or even below). Cannabinoids are present in ABV cannabis, although significantly lower than in fresh weed. You may try collecting vape sample boxes and recycling your vaped weed instead of tossing it out.

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