Live Football Betting Technique

Live Football Betting

Bets in real-time, as you have already seen on the dedicated page and in which you will find the best live betting site of the moment, have revolutionized conceiving online betting, especially in conjunction with the development of football betting apps. Playing pre-event is quite another thing than playing the game in progress. Focusing on live football takes great knowledge of the game and the ability to predict its developments.

In a football match, anything can happen, and the experts know how to grasp the important signals and the exact moment to place a play. Convincing that a team will bring home the result only because they went close to scoring in the first moments of the game would be a mistake.

It is equally crucial to follow the matches and read their statistics thanks to the live score services of the bookies. Football is not an exact science, but if two clubs in the first half do not make a shot on goal, betting on Over 2.5 would be quite risky.

Take advantage of using the welcome bonus.

Gaining experience by learning from mistakes is necessary to achieve great results with football betting.  The figures offered are often advantageous, but all that glitters is not always gold. Withdrawals of any winnings are sometimes subject to unfavourable conditions, such as playing the bonus amount several times.

If used in the right way, the promotions dedicated to new members are a great way to practice and raise some money, thus revealing effective strategies for betting. Maybe opening an account with a bookmaker and, after having used up the bonus, withdrawing part of the budget to invest it in another bookmaker.One can open betting account using link for online betting KE .

The best known mathematical approaches

Beyond the football betting strategies used, instinct is also a fundamental component if accompanied by study and technique. It helps a lot to have a mind that can do quick calculations to turn odds into percentages and find value bets.

The Kelly Criterion

There are two versions of this criterion, one “full” and one “fractional”. The first is a little riskier. Sometimes the recommended amounts greatly affect the available nest egg, while the second allows you to safeguard your capital even in unfortunate plays.

The full Kelly

In the paragraph on value bets, you have seen how to obtain the percentage value. This variant of the Kelly system considers this data, the budget to be invested and the share. Thanks to these components, you can calculate the recommended sum to bet on the event with odds of 2.50. You had assigned it the 45% probability that the forecast would occur, thus having a value of 12.5% concerning the quota. So let’s say you have Rs. 10,000 available. The Kelly method provides the formula in the following image with the calculation related to your example attached.

The fractional Kelly

Understanding the mechanism by which the full Kelly works, it is easy to understand even the fractional one. The difference is that this variant seeks to protect the budget more by simply betting only a percentage of the full Kelly’s suggested amount. It can be 50%, 25% or even less at the user’s discretion. The utility is to be able to play on multiple events, and in the long run, it seems that this system gives great results.

The Martingale system

They report this theory to give you an example of an approach that is best avoided. You have already heard of the Martingale system, more commonly known as the “doubling method”. It is a question of doubling the amount to bet each time if the previous bet was not successful. This is until the sum invested is exceeded by the one won.


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