Living in Your House During a Remodel Works: 10 Proven Tips

Living in Your House During a Remodel Works: 10 Proven Tips

Should you move out of your house if you’re planning to remodel it? No. It’s possible to live on-site during a remodeling project. Whether you’re running a one-room remodel or a complete home remodel, you can comfortably live in your home as the contractors remodel it. Stay functional and sane during the process with these proven tips.


Home remodel is awfully stressful, especially if you intend to live on-site. Before the project begins, have a candid discussion with your family. Your family needs to acknowledge that their lives will be turned upside down for a few weeks. Sit down together and plan how you’ll deal with the disruption. You need to set out how the whole family will survive the remodeling works. Also, plan for disruption of routines and invasion of your privacy. Your family will have to deal with strange faces invading their space.

Budget and Be Discipline

You definitely need a budget if you’re not planning to flip during the process. Create one and stick to that budget. If you’re not careful about finances when handling a home remodel project, you’ll end up derailing the whole process. A delay means your family will have to endure more days of non-stop construction noise and disruptions.

Work with a Skilled Team

Do you trust your team? Have you talked to your contractor or suppliers before deciding to live on-site? What are their recommendations? Have you set any ground rules? Your contractor is in a great position to make your home liveable during the home remodeling process. Sit down with your contractor and set up timelines. Agree on where to begin. You need to figure out the projects that can run concurrently. Also, set up the rules the contractor needs to adhere to when exiting and coming into your home.

Cut Down Dust

You’ll have to battle with dust as the home remodeling goes on. Ensure your contractor has a plan to cut the spread of dust during the remodeling process. You also need additional mechanisms to restrict dust flow. Use vacuum-sealed bags to protect your clothes and beddings from the construction dust. Cover up and prepare for the dust instead of fighting it.

Set aside a Construction-Free Zone

Your household needs a space that’s free from any sort of construction interruption. They need a convenient space to cool off. Non-stop construction noise or interruptions can be too much to bear. Completely seal this space and make sure your contractor understands that the space is off-limits.

Patience and Expect the Unexpected

Unforeseen challenges can crop up during the remodeling process. Be ready for anything. You’ll hear constant complaints of headaches, dust, make countless decisions, delays, changed orders, disagreements, or tons of strange faces. Don’t be surprised to sign off more zeros when writing checks. Set aside 20% of what you’d budgeted for the home remodel to cater for contingencies.

Have Your Supplies on Hand

The home remodel works will take longer or cost more if you don’t have your supplies on hand. Save everyone’s sanity by getting the supplies beforehand. Before starting the home remodel project, inspect all the supplies and ensure all the orders are intact and complete.

Organization is Key

Label everything, schedule every milestone, get a wall planner, and constantly update your calendar. Staying organized will help track the project and maintain a strict timeline. Ensure you organize as you clear rooms. You don’t need to top the construction stress with clutter and trouble locating things. Record every purchase, the receipts, and works done. Have a detailed room-to-room checklist.

Be Involved. Ask Questions

It’s your house. You’re allowed to ask questions, know everything that’s going on with the project, and be invested in the remodeling project. However, don’t turn into a micromanager. Voice your concerns, ask if you’re not sure, and consult. Speak up! It’s your home. It should make you happy.

Clean the Air

It’s crucial to think about the health and safety of your family if you’re planning to live on-site. You, your family, and your pets should breathe in dust-free and toxin-free air. Get air purifies to cut down VOCs released by building materials, allergens, and dust particles. Ask your contractor to use natural paints, varnish, and other building materials. Also, Use natural cleaning products to dust off surfaces.

Wind Up

It’s possible to stay sane and live through a home remodel process. Planning, staying organized, sticking to a budget, and working with a trusted and skilled contractor will make the process bearable. Rest and restore before facing a new reno day. Keep the end goal in mind and stay put throughout the process.

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