Meet Abigail Spenser Hu, the Talent Taking Over the Music Scene


Music is undoubtedly an emotional language that transcends all barriers. It’s a powerful form of expression that establishes deep connections. You can elevate your mood by listening to your favorite songs, helping you get through any form of unhappiness or emotional discomfort. Artists can easily leverage this power to create emotional bonds by creating music that resonates with their fans. A star in the making, Abigail Spenser Hu is one artist tapping into her deepest emotions to connect and inspire others.

Abigail is an LA-based singer, composer, and performer. She is a naturally gifted artist living her childhood dream. Music has been part of Abigail’s life from a young age, and it has grown to become an important component of her life. To her, music not only nurtures her spirit but also helps her find the motivation to impact and inspire others. It is an avenue for her to share her heart with the world and express herself in ways she could never have imagined.

Since making her professional debut, Abigail has established a brand known for authenticity and creativity. She constantly strives to create not only memorable music but also songs that have meaning that resonates with many and connects them to their deepest emotions. Her recent hit, “Inward,” is a classic example of what Abigail is capable of. “Inward” is an exceptionally crafted musical narrative where she expresses feelings of heartbreak and loss. “It’s like feeling the depth of emotions from personal pain or loss,” she adds. The single has since amassed over 1.6 million streams on Spotify, and the talented singer is confident that this number will continue to increase over time.

Her exceptional authenticity and unquestionable work ethic have also seen her featured in and land the covers of top publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Grazier, and Bazaar.

Music can be a cutthroat industry that requires more than just talent. Hard work and resilience are also important in overcoming the myriad of problems and obstacles that may arise. Abigail describes her biggest problem as learning to handle and manage her emotions. The entire process of making music, from writing a song to filming its video and distributing it to the public, can be physically and emotionally draining. Abigail, thankfully, has learned not only to master music industry dynamics but also to become emotionally intelligent.

As the music industry transitions and embraces more technologies, Abigail Spenser Hu wants to be part of it and hopefully grow to become a household name. To her, NFTs are the way to go for artists as they allow you to own your craft and diversify your revenue streams. She aspires to grow her influence as an NFT artist and hopefully help other artists leverage this technology. Abigail’s ambition is to collaborate with other talented artists in the music industry, such as Kaskade and Iluennium. Collaborating with talents like these would be important to help her grow her brand and expand her audience.


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