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With the 1972 Olympic Games, the trim-you movement launched by the German Sports Federation in 1970 became very popular.

A real “fitness boom” set in during the 1980s. One hallmark of this boom was the rapid increase in the number of so-called “fitness studios,” where those willing to work out could do so for a fee. Today, some of these studios are organized in chains.

The topic of fitness also made itself felt on social media platforms in recent years under the hashtag “Fitspo” (abbreviation of “Fitspiration”; compound word from English: “fitness” and “inspiration”). By February 2018, around 14 million photo posts had been posted under the hashtag #Fitspiration, mainly on Instagram. This modern fitness trend is intended to motivate other users and followers to lead a healthier lifestyle through exercise and a balanced diet. One negative effect of this movement, which should not be underestimated, is particularly noticeable among young adults and teenagers: Through constant comparisons, frustration and reduction of self-esteem can pose a threat to mental and physical health.[6]

Fitness training in the present

Fitness training is an extremely broad term. In principle, any healthy sporting activity is a form of fitness training, e.g. training in a sports club, in a gym, or even avoiding escalators and elevators in favor of stairs – i.e. including exercise in everyday life. Targeted fitness training usually includes a detailed training plan, which consists of endurance training, strength training, training of speed, agility and coordination, and interval training.[7] Taking into account health aspects with consideration of age, it is also important for children and adolescents to increase their fitness, coordination and resistance.

Fitness has gained increasing importance in the context of preventive measures against diseases as well as the common disease/civilization disease cancer. This is especially true for lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Therefore, for “Colorectal Cancer Month March 2012” in Germany, German Cancer Aid and its self-help organizations have combined their appeal for healthy living and fitness with a comprehensive range of up-to-date information provided free of charge. Guidebooks, prevention leaflets, posters and patient information films on DVD can be ordered from Krebshilfe or downloaded from the Internet.

Experts blame physical inactivity and obesity for the high incidence of colorectal cancer.[8] The Medical Director of the Center for Prevention and Sports Medicine, Martin Halle (Technical University of Munich), urges citizens to engage in at least half an hour of physical activity every day to achieve and maintain fitness.

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