Most common Indian Treks

most common indian treks

India is conferred with the grace of the world’s largest and most splendid mountains, feasible to trek upon. Witnessing the creation of nature barely tampered by Human hands, the trekkers discover the unimaginable beauty of the unaffected. Savoring the journey to the peak for decades, the hikers have supposedly denoted their incremented footprints on some of the peaks more than others. This further brings us to categorize certain treks as most popular which are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. 

Rupin Pass Trek

Trail that begins from Rupin Valley to Sangla Valley for 2 amazing days is going to mesmerize you with its beauty. The higher path is located in a deserted area at an elevation of 15,250 ft. A tricky climb to this trek characterizes this as a moderately difficult trek. The trail is dominated by rock faces, wooden bridges, white rhododendrons and a green meadow. The trail is along the Rupin river and at the side of the Sangla valley, you witness molten glaciers that further merge with Satluj.

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass trek is a trek worth repeating, thus counted amongst the most popular and common treks. Unleashes wonder in its every fold and leaves you wonderstruck. The trekkers from all around the world curious to explore Himalayan culture and geography adapt to this trek. 14,010 ft. above sea level, a moderately easy trail is a must-visit. Exclusively an adventure entitled to be taken during the monsoons when the area flourishes into its magnificent self. This offers you the most rewarding sort of experience hard to find anywhere else. This trail requires you to challenge your potential for 5 days amidst fast-flowing rivers and streams and wide and undulating meadows. While the ascent is adventurous and challenging, the descent is effortless yet thrilling as the wonders of this trail do not end at its peak but continue until the 2nd last day at Chandratal.

Valley of Flowers Trek

The odor of a wide range of wonderful flora would sensitize you in accomplishing the valley. The 17 km trek stretches for as long as 6 days. This unique trek also brings you closer to a variety of locations where you encamp. The campsites are an arena for socialization and mixing with the inhabitants. The trek starts from Govindghat after a 9-10 hours drive from Haridwar.

Each station of camp offers you an opportunity to explore the mountainous culture. Not too wary of the trek it is an easy to moderate trek, and manageable at challenging points. The highpoint is 15km long and 6km wide covered with a blanket of endemic alpine flowers which are impossible to find in any other destination around the world. Rejoice and immerse yourself into the scent of indigenously exclusive flowers that are found nowhere. This is ideally visited during the month of May to September.

Kedarkantha Trek

This incredible trek is best taken during winters but stretching a bit till April doesn’t alter its beauty much. The trek starts from Sanskrit in Uttarakhand and heights up to 12,500 ft. above sea level. Although you only climb an altitude of 6000 ft. still it poses exhaustion to your physique as the incline is slightly steeper as compared to other trails. It comes with an assurance of enough mountainous beauty starting from Juda ka Talab lake to the peak and back. It is a moderately difficult trek worth exploring snow blankets all along the way. The coniferous forest guiding you to sudden clearings makes it an unbelievable creation of nature. The wildlife that you witness in the forests is harmless yet interesting to come across.

Markha Valley Trek

The trek is along the Markha river which is a tributary to one of the most famous and scenic alpine rivers, Zanskar. Zanskar has its own glorifying story separately altogether. The Markha valley is placed at an altitude of 21,000 ft. above sea level which is achievable in 8 days. The ideal time to visit this trek is from June to October crossing a moderately difficult trek. The route to this trek is in Ladakh and ranges from lush green meadows to yellow barren inclines. Some attractive destinations along this trail are Techa gompa monastery, indigenously found yaks herd by nomadic families.

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