Netball And Its Benefits


Netball has been predominantly perceived as a “girl sport.” But over time, it has been recognised and adopted by both men and women across the globe. It is an excellent sport for children as well because it is very safe and inculcates multiple core values.

The game can be played in your backyard with the basic equipment and set up. There are multiple options to get netball equipment online and set up your game turf.

The Benefits of the Game for Children

The main point to note is that netball is a no-contact sport. This in itself makes it incredibly safe for children as the chances of getting hurt during gameplay are minimal.

You can buy the needed netball equipment online. This will allow you to play the game whenever you want. One of the significant benefits is that the set up is economical and affordable.

Mental and Social Aspects

The game relies on teamwork as its core principle. In addition to this, skill and effective communication are also needed. This makes it the perfect match to play on playdates or with your neighbours. This provides kids with a chance to meet new people.

Girls and boys can both play the game. This promotes an environment where boys and girls can socialise and get acquainted.

Kids are required to cooperate and strategise to score during the game. This teaches kids how to work together with others as a team in a challenging environment or the face of adversity. The sport aids in honing children’s social and communication skills from an early age.

Physical Aspects

Netball is a game where players must run and change directions swiftly. This serves as an excellent means of physical activity for children. It improves overall fitness, flexibility, and strength.

Every player in the game is assigned a specific role. They cannot run or move from this position throughout the game.

This requires them to rely on their hand-eye coordination to play the game effectively. Netball helps develop critical thinking, reduces reaction time, and improves depth perception in kids. It provides holistic cognitive stimulation, which is crucial at this age.

The Overall Benefits of the Game

It Serves as the Perfect Cardio Workout

Elite players, on average, cover 2.3 to 6km during the game. It serves as an excellent means to maintain overall fitness and endurance.

It helps you stay active, and the process is fun. Cardio workouts help improve the immune system, maintain blood sugar, and have other benefits.

Improves Agility

The game involves various movements such as jumping, switching directions, quick footwork, and skilled execution. This boosts overall body strength and agility.

The game helps build muscle and also improves bone health. It is deemed one of the best activities that help increase bone density.

It is a Team Sport

In addition to the physical benefits, it provides players with extensive social skills. The game requires players to display trust and work together instead of making decisions based on individual benefits.

Netball players are much more capable of striking the right balance between psychosocial health and overall satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

The game requires top-notch skills, agility, and physical strength. It provides multiple benefits which are suitable for players of all age groups.

Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of our lives. Setting up your netball court in your backyard provides you with the opportunity to indulge in a fun activity that boosts your health as well.

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