Nursery decorating: 10 things I wish I’d known


There is so much to do as you prepare for your bundle of joy. You’ve probably been on the lookout for a name for your little one, busy creating your newborn checklist and trying as much as possible to master your Lamaze classes. There’s a high chance you’ve scrolled from page to page checking for nursery decoration inspirations. With so many breathtaking nurseries on Instagram and Pinterest, it’s only natural to want the best for your bundle of joy. Don’t feel pressured. We’ve all been there and learned a lot along the way. Here are a few things I wish I had known as I was embarking on the nursery decoration journey.

You Don’t Have to Limit Yourself to Gender Stereotypes

You don’t have to stick to pink or blue when decorating your little one’s nursery. Don’t be afraid to go with gender-neutral colors or a pop of colors in the nursery. Heck, you can paint the nursery grey or lavender. Who said a baby girl’s nursery ought to be all princessy?

You Must Have a Floor Plan for the Nursery

Planning to remodel a room into a nursery? You need a floor plan for the nursery. You don’t want to bump over furniture as you navigate the nursery at 3 am. Safety and stability should always drive the nursery remodeling. Work with a home remodeling professional to get a safe and cohesive floor plan in the nursery.

There’ll Be Numerous Trips to the Changing Table

I didn’t know I would spend most of my time around the changing table. When buying and setting for a changing table, let function precede aesthetic and everything else. It would be great to add customized storage under or above the changing table. Another option would be to use any of your unused dressers lying around as a double-function changing station.

All Your Baby’s Essentials Should Be Within Arms Reach

Keep your baby’s changing essentials within reach. You should keep them close to the changing table. Go for changing tables with storage. Put the laundry or diaper bin next to the changing table. Place the diaper bag, wipes, and changing mats within arms reach.

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

It’s so easy to be caught up in the mid of trends and Instagrammable nurseries when decorating the nursery. You may end up with decor pieces that look good individually great but give a cluttered feel when put together. Make the process easier by narrowing it down to one theme. Once you have a theme it’ll b easy to shop and decorate the nursery.

Don’t Forgo a Peelable and Washable Wallpaper

Peelable and washable wallpapers are savers. You need them. From pee sprays to drawings to crayons on the wall, the peelable or washable wallpaper will save you a trip to the paint store. Remember, as your little one grows, you may have to change a few things in the nursery. It is easy to remove and change a peelable wallpaper.

Don’t Overshop

Still, shopping? Hold on. Your baby will not care much about that hand-carved crib. Don’t stress over the monogrammed letters. They will enjoy being on the bassinet nibbling on a pacifier. They’ll be happy seeing your face and not the over-the-top wallpaper. Think about vintage shopping instead. You can save some money on the side if you buy old school decor that can be repurposed into something new for your baby’s first room.

Your Little One Will Eventually Outgrow the Nursery

Furnish the nursery with the thought that your baby will eventually outgrow everything in the nursery. Consider getting a convertible crib. You can turn a convertible crib into a bed once your little one overgrows the crib.

Use Organic Paint on the Walls

Always go organic when decorating the nursery. Your baby will spend most of its time in the nursery. Eco-friendly paints are great for the nursery. Talk to your home remodeling professional to help create a healthy environment for your little one. Remember paint manufacturers are a tricky lot. Engage your home remodeling professional when buying paints for the nursery.

You Need Lots of Functional Storage

I didn’t know I would need lots of storage in the nursery. Enough storage keeps the nursery organized and clutter-free. Your little one needs all the extra storage spaces you can create in the nursery. Consider rollable carts for the nursery, closet dividers, corners, under the crib, baskets, or mounting storage solutions on the wall.

Wrapping Up

I wish I had known all these before I splurged on the nursery. I am sure you’ll make your own share of mistakes as you figure out the best way to parent your little one. While at it, always remember to create a healthy and peaceful environment for your little one.

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