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Special education is a form of schooling rendered to students who have some learning difficulties or disabilities. In this, a proper educational setting is taken to manage and promote the children’s growth. It requires a great deal of patience and skill to become a part of a special teacher training course and later opt for a career in this. However, it could be quite rewarding if the right person chooses the course and helps those who are in need.

Depending on the degree of learning disabilities, special education courses are designed to meet the needs of both children and adults. The role of teachers and advisors becomes even more important when it comes to teaching and training special students.

Suraasa knows the importance of education that needs to be provided to the special students to boost their growth. Considering the requirements of special students, they have brought several online courses for teachers with a special education certification.

If you are also interested in serving the students in need, then you must take a look at the following courses that they offer:

Child Development, learning styles, and learning taxonomies

In this course, the teachers would have a greater insight into the theories of child development. They would also come to know about different learning styles along with the importance of learning taxonomies. After this course, the teachers would become capable of modifying their teaching patterns following the learning styles preferred by their students. This course would also help teachers in applying their cognitive domain, assessing their student’s performance, and evaluating their outcomes accordingly.


This course is designed to develop the understanding of diversity and equality in the field of education among educators and school staff. The learners would come to know about different forms of inequality and discrimination being faced nowadays and how it impacts the staff and the learners. The course aims at enhancing the learner’s understanding of various key legislation and policies that promote equality and diversity.

Child protection and safeguarding

This course would help learners in learning about different types of child abuse and their effects. The learners would understand the necessity of child protection and safeguarding learners. The policies regarding child protection and safeguard will be discussed in detail in the session. The course discusses how the learners can manage the concerns regarding child protection. If you are interested in knowing the different types of abuse children are facing today, the signs and symptoms and how appropriate actions could help in overcoming the issue, then you must join this course to have a deep insight.

Ethics and Values

The role of ethical conduct is not just restricted to school; instead, it should be followed everywhere. Considering the importance of teaching ethical conduct to students, this course is designed to build an understanding and knowledge of ethical behaviour in teachers both inside and outside the classroom. Through this unit, the learners would understand how to handle certain situations where ethical conduct becomes a concern. This will also enable teachers to understand and communicate the impact of integrity and values in daily scenarios. If a teacher is given such crucial lessons about ethics, only then the students can be taught about their relevance in day-to-day life.

Management of class dynamics

This course will discuss the importance of the management of class dynamics. The teachers would develop their knowledge, understanding, and skills about the management of class dynamics. This unit will discuss how the teachers should initiate a class, modify and control the lesson content, arrange the classroom infrastructure, etc. These class dynamics teachings would help in achieving the aim of learning. The teachers would also be taught how they can create activities that give both challenging and enjoyable learning experiences using the classroom space. Teachers would also come to know about the formulation of different strategies that would help maintain discipline in the classroom.

People of determination

This course will enable educators’ and staff’s understanding of special education needs, impairment, disability, and inclusion. The learners of the course would explore various barriers and discrimination faced by individuals with determination. The course will also discuss the ways that would help in reducing the barriers and promoting inclusion. Various legislations and policies that promote inclusion will be discussed in the session. Furthermore, the course will also enhance the learner’s knowledge about different teaching and learning approaches that promote inclusion. People concerned about the special educational needs of the children must join and explore different possibilities to curb the issue.

Reflective teaching

This course would help learners in understanding what reflective teaching is. They will gain knowledge about reflective practices and how they can be used. The different tools and models of reflective learning will be discussed in the course. It will also discuss the processes that would help teachers in managing their professional development. The expected duration of the course is 14 days, and it is taught in the English language. The course is aimed at beginners, and is available in all the countries.


In this course, the educators and the school staff would come to know about sustainability and the importance of resource efficiency in supporting sustainable development. The unit will also help enhance the knowledge of initiative, which needs to be integrated with the learning environment to boost the practices among the learners

Suraasa offers these online courses for special education certification in India. These comprehensive, high-quality courses would help learners in their professional development. The online special education certification not only grows the learners professionally but also helps the students with special needs in one way or another. Henceforth, if you also want to explore one of these courses and develop yourself professionally, then you can join the course of your choice by visiting the website.

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