Protect Yourself At Home: Keeping Tap Water Safe And Healthy


Water is probably the most important resource in existence, and we can’t do without it. There are numerous water sources and options to obtain and drink water. Tap water offers convenience and easy access to drinking water in our homes. You don’t have to spend large amounts of money when you have a water source you can drink from. The only problem is that not all tap water is safe to drink without further processing. If you drink water straight from the tap, you put yourself or your loved ones at risk of water-borne diseases. You can stay healthy while drinking tap water by taking precautions to protect yourself and anyone else who drinks the tap water.

Test Your Water

The first thing you need to do to stay healthy while drinking tap water is test the water. Get a sample of the water straight from the water source and test it to determine if it is safe to drink. The test will reveal any necessary additives to be introduced into the water where necessary. Should the test reveal that the water is safe for drinking, however, then you can proceed to shrink it straight out of the tap. However, it is worth noting that there is a lot that can happen between the water source and your cup. While it may be safe at the source, there are other possible contaminants. So, the first step to staying healthy is to have water safe at the source.

Clean Your Pipes

The pipes are another possible source of contamination of drinking water from the tap. Modern pipes are made from PVC material and have less external contamination but are less strong than lead pipes. On the other hand, lead pipes come with the risk of lead poisoning, and they deteriorate over time. If you build your house from scratch, you have greater control over the pipes and keep them contamination-free. If you are moving into a house, however, especially one that is old, there will already be pipes installed. You can check the pipes to make sure they are free from contamination, and where they are not, y can clean them using the appropriate chemicals.

Install A Filtration System

The water from the source is rarely fit for consumption, even when there is little or no contamination. At the very least, there will be a presence of microbial life, which will make the water unsafe for consumption. The water test will reveal any contaminants or microbial life present, enabling you with the knowledge to filter the water accordingly. Reverse osmosis is one of the most common methods used in water filtration, making it safe for drinking. A reverse osmosis system will remove some common contaminants like petrochemicals and nitrates. By installing a reverse osmosis system of water filtration close to your water source, all the water coming into the house will be safe for drinking.

Dispose of waste properly.

Water and water don’t necessarily mix, but they can still influence water quality from the tap. By disposing of waste improperly, not only do you attract microbial life and pests, but you can also alter the water. Should the waste disposal be close to your water source, you risk influencing the taste of the water. The rainwater will mix in with the waste and find its way to your water source when it rains. Not only will it ruin the taste of the water, but it will also add particles that your filtration system can’t remove. To avoid this possibility, you will need to ensure your waste is situated far from your water source. You will also need to dispose of it at the required premises frequently to avoid creating a buildup.

Final thoughts

Once you can make the necessary adjustments to the water source, the water that comes into your house will be safe for consumption. You may need to make sure the tap itself is contamination-free to ensure the water is safe. With a safe tap, a water filtration system, and clean pipes, then your water should be contamination-free safe to drink. You will need to carry out regular maintenance to make sure everything remains in top condition, but once that is done, your tap water will remain safe and healthy.

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