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What is the total number of students?

For the past three weeks, I’ve worked with groups on the streets of New York and San Francisco to generate money and heart for me, from beautiful hotels to campground retreat centers, organic gluten foods to cheese, wine and chocolate spreads. What a wonderful, total student, for those I care about, enjoy the night with my husband and kids, have a nice birthday on the streets with the tribes, explore me, and with them. I’m interacting. “”

Despite the cyclone running for three weeks, I felt completely well and purposeful.

Despite being away from my family, I felt completely connected and in love.

Despite my schedule, which is a complete kiddy one pass from time zone to workout, I still feel physically strong and strong.

Cats like counters. Some pet owners walk small kittens on the table or around the people counter, while others can’t stand it. There is a good reason for this. There is a hygiene problem for you. Whether you like it or not, cats are not the cleanest animals in the world. Many people have allergies. Putting your kitten on the counter almost certainly means leaving him or her fur and eventually getting into your food. If you’re not worried about this, consider the health of your cat. Countertops are a dangerous place for cats. There are all kinds of dangers, from hot things to sharp knives to even toxic cleaners. Have a favor by keeping yourself and your pet, their counters off.

Despite being strong and strong, I felt incredibly kind and sometimes restless.

I’m not a superwoman. I have no magical power. I haven’t come across an energy drink. (Coffee, vitamin supplements, and blue-green algae are all very gorgeous, but one day I hugged my kids on the couch and immerse myself in books and movies. It was magical and I wanted to restart important features. ..) Mothers, wives, teachers, business leaders, writers, etc. make saying “yes” very attractive and sometimes compelling. And when the “yes” and “no” brooches rotate the status, I find the break useful. Pause, breathing, and reflexes.

During this break, I find myself more insightful and clear about what I can calculate and where I can focus my energy and attention. There is great freedom in this. Even if it means saying “no” to something that is hard to say “no”. At another level this year, I’m learning to open up more space for a strong full-employment “yes” where a good “no” makes sense.

There is one because of the strength and clarity I feel right now. It’s about connecting with the important things. For me. For what I’m doing. For the effect, you want to make. You need to prepare. at this point. from. And I take care of myself in the process.

Well, this is not the easiest thing in the world. I just like cats to climb. Many pet owners who had to get kittens out of the tree know exactly what I’m talking about. people counter offer more than high points for cats. There is the possibility of all kinds of food! You probably noticed that your cat started jumping while you were in the kitchen. This is because if you are in the kitchen, you are preparing food. You can also do this with a countertop.

Now I’m entering this brief post when I’m trying to pack up for another trip-hidden in my bathroom-. This tour is different. I chose a family time when I was originally planning to attend another business event this weekend. Today, my daughter and I are heading to the mountains for a quick R & R weekend for QT and girls. Plan changes-from biz to the family-the accompanying process of choice and a gentle pull on both, which made me think and notice my feelings about it. And while I’m packing my makeup and tennis shoes, I hear a voice in my head saying, “Remember what’s important.”

I’m aware of counting what’s important.

For me, especially this weekend, taking a break to be with my family and me, especially in nature … that’s important.

I know that ROI will be 100 times more than we can do next week. It’s all-important.

You will find that some of these things conflict. If you take a closer look at these things, you can also unpack some of my core values. Yes, the important thing is sometimes to compete. Values compete. Yes, leave it to them. And when it’s time to choose to listen to your inner intellect. Only you can know for sure what is happening in your mind.

And so I’ll give it back to you … what’s important to you? How do you choose when the “key count” is in conflict? Feel free to share below, if needed. At the very least, give yourself a gift today to really devote yourself to what’s important to you. 


Anise, the founder is a loyal ideological leader, trainer, entrepreneur, creative and mission-oriented leader of business owners who strive for vibrant culture, sound leadership, and positive outcomes. A business partner. He works with individuals and groups to develop the idea of   “internal leadership”, address secondary external factors, and give all leaders strength leadership, intent, truthfulness, and strength of relationships. Encourage you to optimize your influence and presence through.

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