Respecting the space: 9 ways to be an awesome strata resident

strata resident
strata resident

Whether you own an apartment or are leasing it off someone else – it’s always good to respect your fellow residents. This being said, there are many ways that strata residents don’t respect the general rules and guidelines that come with living in a strata complex.

Nobody wants to get the body corporate lawyers involved over something miniscule, and that’s why it’s important to be a strata resident that rolls with these respectful traits:

  1. You work with neighbours to solve issues

If there is something pressing that requires a little healthy synergy to fix then a good strata resident will work with their neighbours to fix the issue. This way, you can work together to reach a happy medium that works best for all the neighbours concerned.

  1. You handle situations calmly & respectfully

You have to live alongside your neighbours in a calm and peaceful environment, so why would you want to rush into an argument every time something happens in the complex that doesn’t suit you? The best way to achieve optimal results in a strata complex is to approach the situation rationally, having a quiet word with the neighbour concerned and not allowing the situation to exacerbate.

  1. You hear out your neighbours when they have a problem

We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Sometimes we simply have to own up to these mistakes in order to move on with our lives. If a neighbour comes to you with a problem then it is best to hear them out as calmly and rationally as possible.

After all, they probably wouldn’t come knocking on your door if there wasn’t an issue, so it is best to hear them out and peacefully work towards fixing the situation with said neighbour!

  1. You use your designated car space

This is pet peeve numero uno for other strata residents. One of the best things you can do to be a solid strata neighbour is to use your own car space or park outside if you have two cars for the one lot.

  1. You respect shared spaces

Say your complex has a pool area and you want to have a couple of friends around. Would you be thrilled if one of your neighbours left stubbies and food scraps all over the table?

  1. You keep your lot entrance clean

A strata complex, whether you own the lot or not, is your shared responsibility. This includes its cleanliness and this certainly includes ensuring that the front of your lot is clutter-free.

  1. You keep the ragers to a minimal

Most people love to socialise, and most people will be fine with you having the occasional get-together. But if you’re throwing regular raging parties that last all night and into the next day you might just find a pretty unhappy neighbour wanting to chat with you about your choice in residency.

  1. You apologise when you’ve done the wrong thing

At the end of the day, you wanted to live in the strata complex. And, being a responsible adult, you’re able to admit your mistakes and apologise where necessary. If you make a mistake and upset a neighbour, it’s best just to admit it and apologise!

  1. You can get past issues with other residents

If your neighbour does something that annoys you and they are happy to apologise then there is no need to hold a grudge. This only creates further tension around the complex.

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