Six Fitness Channels on YouTube to Guide You Through Home Workouts

Six Fitness Channels on YouTube to Guide You Through Home Workouts

You’ve had it on your New Year’s resolution at least once, or perhaps you’re already on your fitness journey. Whatever your situation is, you’ve probably decided to do some exercise to keep you fit and healthy. While some people go to the gym and have personal trainers, some people might not have the time and resources to do so. Visit

If this sounds familiar to you, then there’s a great chance you’ve tried establishing a workout routine at home. Some come up with their own program by using weightlifting objects they have, while others do physiotherapy workouts at home. Whether you’ve tried one of these and are looking for something different or are just starting, fitness YouTubers can help you achieve your fitness goals. You can stay in the comfort exercise balls with handles of your own home, follow a workout video for free, and even join an online community that is doing the same exercise as you. So with that, here are some fitness channels that you might want to check out.

1. Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler, a yoga instructor, actress, and entrepreneur, started a YouTube channel called “Yoga With Adriene” in 2012. As the channel name suggests, Adriene creates and uploads different kinds of yoga practice videos that cater to a specific need that you might want to check out. For example, there are videos for yoga for the flexible mind and body, yoga for cramps and PMS, and yoga for the lower back, among others. Adriene also releases 30-day yoga challenges, which is ideal if you want to try practicing yoga daily. 

Suppose you’re not yet sure how yoga works in general or haven’t tried it before. In that case, you don’t need to feel intimidated as Adriene also releases videos for complete beginners, and her instruction method isn’t difficult to follow at all. Her voice and overall approach are both very calming, so it helps keep your mind on the task you’re doing. A bonus is that her dog, Benji, makes surprise appearances in some of her videos. It helps add to the positive feeling you get when you do yoga with Adriene.

2. Blogilates

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a less chill and more lively workout, you should check out Blogilates. This channel, created by Cassey Ho, contains various kinds of pilates workouts. You can find full-body exercises or select an area-specific training, like her ab isolation or toned arms workout videos. Cassey also releases challenges that target a specific area in your body (the 100 glute challenge is challenging but fulfilling!). You can find schedules and printables on her website of the same name, while these challenge videos are uploaded to her YouTube channel to guide viewers through each workout. 

Cassey’s personality makes working out a lot of fun and exciting. Some of her videos will really push you to do your best and get that sweat out, but her motivating words will keep you going. The way she approaches her workouts also reminds you of exercising with a friend, as sometimes, she shares personal experiences and stories in between repetitions. 

3. The Fitness Marshall

Dancing can make you feel like you’re having a good time, and The Fitness Marshall combines this with exercise. Created by Caleb Marshall, he uploads easy-to-follow dance videos that will get you sweating like you’re doing a cardio workout. In addition, there are a lot of popular songs that you can dance along to together with Caleb and amazing backup dancers, including hits by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and other favorite artists. 

The Fitness Marshall’s videos are a lot of fun to do, and you can choose the best fitness video that matches the difficulty and intensity you’re looking for. As if the music and choreography aren’t enough to make you smile, in the middle of a video, Caleb says some witty lines that would have you beaming (or even laughing) while he instructs you on how to do the next step. That, plus his energy is just contagious even if you’re just watching him from your laptop or phone screen. 

4. Cirque du Soleil

Did you know that the contemporary circus and entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil, actually has a couple of exercise videos? Now you do! Besides videos that showcase the stories behind their performances and clips that highlight the talented artists, their YouTube channel also has different workout videos that you can follow. If you’ve seen a show or performance from Cirque du Soleil, you understand how having optimum physical fitness is essential for the artists to give a jaw-dropping performance. Through their workout videos, you’ll get a chance to feel like “training” with some of these artists. 

Some of their workouts lean towards the more extreme side of exercise, like HIIT workouts and the “Extreme Abs Workout.” It’s perfect if you’re looking for a more challenging workout video that is sure to make your muscles feel sore. Their videos are pretty straightforward, and the instructors or artists are there to guide you each step of the way. 

5. Nate Bower Fitness

If you’ve ever been interested in boxing, you’ve probably heard or read about its many benefits. Nate Bower Fitness has boxing workout videos that you can easily do at home. As seen in his channel, Nate Bower is a “boxing instructor, personal trainer, and competitive athlete based out of Canada.” He has several shadowboxing videos, HIIT workouts, heavy bag workouts, and even boxing workouts where you box along to the beat of the music. The variety of Nate’s videos helps you find the one that best suits what you want to do, whether you’re just starting with boxing and need help with the types of punches, or you’ve got equipment at home and would just like to squeeze in a boxing routine in your daily schedule. 

Nate Bower makes a workout enjoyable, yet he keeps the instructions direct and easy to follow. He also releases some kinds of videos where the instructions are flashed onscreen instead of him verbally telling you what to do, which works better for some people. Whichever workout you decide to choose, you’re sure to be sweating by the end of each one. 

6. HASfit

Another channel with a multitude of workout types to choose from is HASfit. HASfit stands for “Heart And Soul fitness,” and you can see how these combine through the workout videos of Coach Kozak and Claudia. They have different cardio workouts and area-specific ones, like abs and arms exercises. Some require basic equipment like dumbbells, but there are more workout videos on their channel if you don’t have any. 

What sets HASfit apart from others is how motivational the instructors are. They won’t just guide you through an exercise, but they’ll also talk you through it. The positive energy from coach Kozak would remind some of a motivational speaker who’s also a personal trainer. If that’s the kind of video that you know can help you finish a workout, then you should definitely check out HASfit. 

Have an improved physical and mental wellbeing 

It might be challenging to start and get into the habit at first, but with the help of these YouTube channels and instructors, you can slowly build an exercise regimen that works for you. There are tons of benefits to exercising. These can include the physical aspect, like losing weight, reducing the risk of heart diseases, strengthening bones and muscles, and others. 

Beyond that, exercising also improves mental health and your overall mood, like watching your favorite films, reading a great book, or just finding anything that can make you laugh. For some, they see this source of fun as making jokes or pranking their friends with a call from a different number. Whatever it is, you can do all these things while still making time for your daily workouts

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