Some Tips for Assembling Gaming PC By PC Build Wizard

Some Tips for Assembling Gaming PC By PC Build Wizard

Long-term operation of a computer without software or hardware failures can be considered stable. There are four main system devices that largely affect the stable operation of a computer: a processor, RAM, a video card, and a hard drive. Each of them is responsible for performing a specific range of tasks. The stability of the system as a whole is just built from the uninterrupted functioning of each of them, and the incorrect operation of one can cause errors in the operation of the other.

Features of Assembling Gaming Computers

Gaming computers have special requirements; PC gives some tips to prevent major mistakes when assembling them:

– You can’t save on the motherboard. It is entrusted with a serious task – combining devices into a single system, implementing power supply to components and providing the required number of connectors with a specific connection format.

– The processor is not the main part of a gaming PC, it makes no sense to chase ten cores and 20 threads. The computational potential of the central processor in such a computer remains unclaimed.

– The video card should be chosen not according to its value in the market, but according to its characteristics. Attention should be paid to the performance of the GPU, bus width and the amount of video memory.


When buying RAM, it’s not just the size that matters. Everyone knows that modern games need at least 16 gigabytes of RAM. But many users have not heard about the parameters that should be paid additional attention. The frequency of the RAM is exactly the indicator that determines the speed of the strips. The next most important are timings – characteristics that determine the response time of the memory and affect the speed of information transfer between the RAM and the central processor.

Power Supply:-

The power supply must be of maximum power. It is determined by summing the stress requirements of each component in the assembly. While making calculations, do not forget about those devices that are powered not from the unit, but from the motherboard. For the smooth operation of the system, a power reserve of 20-30 percent is required & if it is planned to over-clock, the CPU and GPU then its 50 percent.

SSD and HDD:-

When choosing between SSD and HDD for a gaming assembly, it is better to give preference to high-speed solid-state drives. They will provide a high speed of information exchange and save AAA-class games from freezes and long loading of game cards. Solid state drives (SSDs) are much faster than traditional HDDs, making even weak computers feel very fast in most non-gaming tasks. But the volume / price ratio of SSDs is two to three times lower than that of HDDs. for some reasons; most SSD drives are not very suitable for long-term data storage, so it is advisable to use good SSD, where for a reasonable price we will get maximum performance, reliability and almost complete silence in work.

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