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If you have a taste for skincare, hair and makeup; turn that passion into your professional career.

In Touched by an Angel Beauty School, the Bachelor of Cosmetology will allow you to turn your creativity and interest in beauty into your business potential. Apart from that, you will make other people feel good since you will be taking care of their personal appearance and their physical health.

Keep reading so that you have no more doubts about dedicating yourself in a professional way to cosmetology. In this way, you will know about everything you can achieve with a degree in cosmetology, what a cosmetologist does and where you can study this profession in Mexico, how much you earn and more.

What is a career in cosmetology?

This career is the science that studies the products and treatments that generate benefits in terms of health, beauty and physical appearance of the skin of the face and body. Therefore, this profession is closely related to makeup, styling and dermatology.

Cosmetology allows one to focus on knowing the types of skin, products and techniques for the total and natural beautification of the skin.

On the other hand, it provides knowledge about the active principles that our daily beauty products contain. Therefore, the knowledge acquired will allow you to know what types of cosmetics and products to use according to the type of skin, need and objective to be achieved.

What does a cosmetology graduate do?

A good way to know if this career is for you is to better understand the activities in which a professional in cosmetology performs and what are the functions that they perform in their day-to-day lives. So here is a list of the most common activities:

Within the area of skin care, he works as a beautician. It performs analysis of skin types, the condition of the pores, if there are pigmentation problems and provides specific solutions and treatments for the care and prevention of skin damage.

Performs professional makeup artist functions, by knowing the types of skin and the appropriate cosmetics for each of them; They can offer each client the best cosmetic according to skin tone and teach the proper way to apply makeup.

Inside a spa, you can perform facials, body massages, waxing and any treatment that is non-invasive or surgical. They are in charge of choosing the skin treatments, moisturizers and exfoliants according to the client.

Other activities that you can also do are treatments and haircuts, dyes and extensions . So you can put your own aesthetic.

Where to study Cosmetology

This degree can be found mostly in private universities, especially within the state of Georgia. Touched by angel Beauty School’s online cosmetology program is the best in the state.

Bachelor of Cosmetology distance learning

The Mesoamerican University of Puebla offers this degree under an online program. The duration is the same as in person, 4 years. However, instead of taking it for semesters as in the classroom, the online program is carried out for 8 semesters.

The advantage you have when pursuing an online degree is that no matter your geographical location. You can study it from anywhere you are. You can also go at your own pace without feeling so much pressure. What’s more, you can be working part-time and at the same time studying this career. Without a doubt, it is an excellent option!


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