The Best Way to Get Rid of Ants Forever

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Seeing Ants?

Thousands of ants can live in a colony, those seen foraging outside or in your house are only a small percentage of an entire colony.   Using natural solutions or other products to treat only ants seen will not stop an infestation. The best way to get rid of ants forever is to get to the colony.

Ant control by powerpestcontrol. Products used in pest control have a label reflecting years of research and information that must be followed by law.  This law applies to homeowners as well as the pest professional.  They know exactly where, how, and when to apply these products, using special equipment for effective pest elimination. They care about safety and providing a treatment to give you a pest free home.

Why are Ants in my House?

To answer this question, it is important to understand ant behavior.  They are social insects, depending on each other for survival, each with their own purpose or job in the colony. Though ants originate from outside a structure they may enter it in search of food or water and sometimes to nest. The ants outside the nest gather food and return to the nest to feed larvae that digest it for them and feed it to the adults and the queen.  Killing adult ants will not eliminate a colony.  Sprays that eliminate only the ants present means more ants will be sent from the colony.

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How you can get rid of ants in your house?

  1. Gathering Information The First step in getting rid of ants is the inspection.
    • observation of trees closest to the structure, grass, debris, garbage receptacles, barbecues, pet food, and water dishes can reveal a path way or a feeding source.
    • Identify food sources and eliminate them.
    • discovery of ant trails
      1. such as top or bottom of a fence, sidewalk edges, a hose, raised roots, shrubbery touching a structure, even electrical or gas lines entering a structure. pest professionals can quickly pinpoint likely places ants travel.
  2. Eliminate Food and Water Sources.
    • They are attracted to the kitchen for food scraps or to bathrooms that may provide a water source. They enter through very small cracks or holes.
    • Eliminate sources of food and water that is attracting them or providing a favorable environment for them.
    • Repair areas damaged by moisture such as around windows, under bathroom or kitchen sinks. even small amounts of moisture or condensation are attractive to them.  Once inside ants may nest in wall voids, behind electrical outlets, behind cupboards in a hallow door, a window casing and many other places.  These are satellite nests and can be established in a short period of time.  Tracking ant trails helps determine where they may be coming from.
  3. Create An Effective Treatment Plan.
    • Competing food sources may prevent ants from taking bait. Feeding on a natural source such as other insects can make bait treatment less effective.
    • Eliminating those food sources can help a treatment be more successful. For baits to work ants must have a need for the protein or carbohydrate contained in the bait for them to accept it.
    • Proper product placement, using the appropriate product and the right approach. Using baits with a spray may be ineffective.  Baits become contaminated by absorbing odors from a nearby source or other treatments repelling instead of attracting the ants to the bait
  4. Evaluate.
    • Pest control professionals can recognize why a treatment may not be effective and make adjustments.  Treatments for ants can be a slow process and cannot work overnight or with one spray or bait treatment.  Even pest professionals may find it difficult to eliminate certain species of ants.  Some teamwork is need from you to help eliminate a pest infestation.  It may be suggestions to trim plants away from the house, or to move a pile of firewood away from the siding, or make a needed repair.  These suggestions can mean the success or failure of a treatment plan.

As mentioned, it is extremely important to follow all directions on the label of any product you purchase.  These products have been researched to use the product safely to protect you, your pets and your surroundings. If you are enlisting the help of a professional you should not be using additional products to theirs.

Our Home Pest Control Services Page will explain our pest inspection and what we will be looking for while we are at your home. This page also includes information on Integrated Pest Management, how it is used and why it is helpful for eliminating pests. Also there is information on what to expect and how you can prepare for an inspection.


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