The Challenging World Of Business Outsourcing In Travel And Tourism


The tourism industry is a dynamic one. It has grown and evolved at an extremely fast pace and continues to do so. This can be accredited to increased exposure to media, common use of technology, a rise in disposable incomes, and of course, the internet. As the travel industry continues to grow faster than ever, many businesses have come up to make the best possible use of this opportunity. Instead of letting the emergence of technology render them useless, businesses such as online travel companies are becoming much more prevalent and changing with the times to meet the growing needs of consumers. They’re innovating in every way possible- from how they communicate with customers to how they deliver their services.

Current Trends In The Industry

At this time, there are few common themes present in the business process management sector.

  • Prioritizing Personalized Experiences

Let’s face it. The highest priority for every traveler is to have a good experience. However, this means something different for every customer. Businesses that wish to grow are aiming to fulfill a customer’s individual demands and needs. They provide authentic, personalized experiences that feel unique and organic. This helps a customer feel truly understood and cared for, whether they are traveling for work or leisure.

  • Using Technology To The Fullest

Everyone has mixed opinions on the ever-increasing prevalence of technology in our world. But in the travel and tourism business- it’s only a blessing. Easy access to technology and internet services enables travelers to manage all aspects of their travel at the click of a screen. Booking websites allow a traveler to research all the options available to them and provide the best fares. They can plan their entire travel itinerary stress-free, and often without needing to seek the assistance of an external travel agent. This also helps customers save money.

  • Growth On The Internet

Many travel agencies find that the bulk of their sales tends to come from online channels. As buyer trends indicate, customers prefer to make their purchases online. New businesses and startups in the travel business have found that the internet has added exponentially to their overall sale volumes. Using the internet has its advantages as it provides data in detail, regarding buyer habits, flexibility, outreach, cost, etc. The availability of this data is helpful in allowing businesses to gain a clear understanding of customers and how to build a loyal consumer base as a travel company.

  • Impact Of Digital Portable Devices

The world of Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Cloud continue to show enormous potential in terms of growth. This could mean big things for the business process management and tourism sector. As of now, mobile devices can only be used for basic functions regarding hotels and airlines. However, as the innovation of AI, IoT, and cloud continues- the possibilities for travel are endless.

Challenges In The Travel Industry

While the overall growth in the industry is a positive change, it does not come without its own unique set of challenges. These are some of the biggest ones.

  • The Emergence Of New Business Models

An upcoming business trend is a peer-to-peer economy. This refers to collaborative consumption through the exchange, such as Air BnB, car rentals, and transportation services. While this is good news for customers, it poses a significant challenge for travel agents and traditional firms that are beginning to lose business as customers prefer to opt for these alternative options when they plan their travel itineraries.


  • Multi-Channel Use By Customers

Travelers tend to use multiple channels when they make their bookings online. This creates a possibility of confusion. There are limitations to how applications can work together, and not every travel agent is adept with all forms of technology that a customer may use. The solution to this is to create seamless transactions and connections across channels to provide information and services to consumers efficiently. However, not every business is able to accomplish this.

  • Not Using Mobile Devices To Their Fullest

Most travelers rely on their mobile phones for everything regarding travel. Whether it is bookings, weather, dining, or airline schedules- all the information a traveler need is available to them on their mobile device. This has rendered travel agents unnecessary. Most businesses in the travel sector are unable to use the prevalence of mobile devices to their advantage. If used well, mobile channels could revolutionize customer engagement and communication for businesses.

How Outsourcing Comes To The Rescue?

It is true that as the travel industry has evolved and technology has simplified once complicated processes, hiring a travel agent isn’t as much of a necessity. However, with that being said, outsourcing a travel management company for your travel plans can still be highly beneficial. There are a multitude of benefits that can come from outsourcing a travel management company to help when you plan your travels. An outsourced TMC can utilize its industry data and contacts to enhance your travel experience. You can effectively reduce the costs involved in travel too. An outsourced travel management company can regularly review your program and keep it up to date, making adjustments and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. They often also have exclusive discounts for hotels and airlines that you can access when you hire them. An outsourced travel management company has years of experience working as a travel agent and account manager. This rich background provides them with deep industry knowledge. If you hire an outsourced TMC, you can benefit from this rare and valuable expertise.

Outsourcing Services for Travel Tourism Industry in India offers services such as  24/7 After Hours Support for travel companies, and Emergency travel desk customer support for outsourcing. An outsourced travel management company can also help create an individualized experience when you travel, keeping your unique needs and goals in mind, whether you are traveling for a vacation or for business.

Your travel management company will communicate effectively with you, saving you unnecessary stress and time wasted on planning your travel. You are likely to have a positive and relaxing experience as the travel management company organizes your travel itinerary in a seamless and efficient manner.

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