The History of Fast Food Items, And What You Should Add to Your Restaurant or Food Chain’s Menu

The History of Fast Food Items

The History of Fast Food Items

The fast-food industry is booming. It’s easy to see why, too – the convenience of these items is undeniable. But whether you’re rushing to work in the morning or running errands on a hot day, it’s often difficult to find time for a sit-down meal. With takeaway options like burgers and fries readily available, what could be easier? But, unfortunately, not all fast foods are created equal.

So, if you want your restaurant or takeaway business to stand out from the crowd, here are some suggestions of popular takeaway items that have been steadily climbing up the popularity charts over recent years that might just help give your business an edge!

Moreover, we will discuss the packaging of these items. People buy these from foods and takeaways, and packaging plays a vital role in providing ease to customers like custom boxes for burger are the handiest option and so on. So, keep reading!

The History of Fast Food Items


Burgers are one of the most popular takeaway items ever. Since time immemorial, they have been an integral part of fast food menus and bring in a lot of revenue for restaurants and takeaway businesses around the globe.

What’s more, their history dates back to as early as the 17th century when they were considered “fast” foods during busy periods like harvest times or public gatherings, etc. This is why burgers are called ‘fast’ food even today!

French Fries:

French fries might well be America’s favorite side dish, but it was not always so! These humble-looking chips actually hail from Belgium; Belgian soldiers stationed near the city Lige (which borders France) used to enjoy fried fish snacks; however, these eventually became unavailable due to the lasting wars, so they cut potatoes in thin sticks and fried them instead.


People of Berlin are known for their love of sausages, but currywurst is definitely one that stands out from the rest! It was created by Herta Heuer, who ran a small takeaway kiosk after World War II ended to provide fast food options to busy shoppers. Her husband took care of most other affairs while she prepared her famous sausage dish, which became an instant hit among customers because of its finger-licking good taste!


The history behind kebabs goes back more than 3000 years ago when the Persians used goat meat as it was easy to carry around during long journeys. It later became popular in the Ottoman Empire, where soldiers would take skewers of roasted meat along with them to eat during their battles or long journeys because it was easy to carry around and didn’t rot easily.


Many people believe that pizza was first created in Italy, but the first pizzeria opened up in New York City. However, no one knows for sure who actually invented it since there are many legends surrounding its creation. One legend claims that an Italian man baked his daughter a flatbread as she left to marry someone from another town and then found out later that her husband-to-be had died during their journey together! The poor father decided to name this flatbread after her fiancé, which became ‘pizza’ over time.


In 1847, Hanson Gregory entered a cooking contest with donuts he made onboard a ship when he started working at the age of 12! He won by creating doughnuts with a hole in the middle and gave away donuts to his customers.

Donuts became popular when soldiers from WWI came back with stories of how good they were!


Belgian waffles really started gaining popularity during WWII due to rationing that occurred, but they didn’t become famous until 1964 when Belgian company Liège discovered their delicious iron technique for making them which made them fluffy rather than crispy on the outside.


The first sandwich was made of bread and ham by the Earl of Sandwich in 1762. He wanted to eat his meal without getting food on his cards while gambling!

The most popular sandwiches were created during WWII, such as:

  • The submarine is a variation of the Italian Panino consisting of different types of cold cuts, cheese, and vegetables
  • The club sandwich, also known as the triple-decker, consists of turkey or chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on three pieces of toast with an additional piece placed diagonally across all layers. These sandwiches became famous when they were served at commissaries for soldiers fighting in World War II.

Fish & Chips:

Fish n’ chips originated from Britain, but their popularity increased after World War II. The fish is typically fried in oil or beef dripping and served with deep-fried chips (potato wedges)

After WWII, the first American fast food restaurant opened up called “White Castle.” It was created by Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram and Walter Anderson, who were both from Illinois. White Castle’s menu consisted of hamburgers which only cost ten cents each!


Tacos were invented by Mexican silver miners as a hand-held meal. They used soft tortillas and meat such as beef, chicken, or pork to create this tasty food item.

It was not until 1945, when Glen Bell saw the taco sellers in San Bernardino, that he thought about opening up his own restaurant, which created the first American fast-food chain named Taco Tia. He opened it up next to one of those taco stands and began selling tacos for 19 cents each.

What You Should Add to Your Restaurant or Food Chain’s Menu

The people of different areas have different food and taste preferences. You need to make a menu card by adding the trendiest dishes in your area. Do not make a bigger menu just because of offering variety, instead make a decent one. Make sure what you are offering is the best in your areas and is prepared with proper hygiene and safety.

Moreover, focus on the packaging of your food item. Use wholesale custom printed cardboard boxes because they are the most beneficial option for your food business.

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