The Life of Vape Juice – How to Store and Handle Vape Juice


Vaping is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes that uses a vape juice with nicotine and flavours to deliver a vapour to its user. 

Vape juice is made with food quality ingredients and can be bought in bigger bottles at your local speciality vape shop to store for later refills in your vape device.

Today we will discuss how to properly store and handle your vape juice for safety, prolonged freshness, and flavour.

Storage and handling

Vape juice with or without nicotine can last for up to 2 years if stored properly.

Vape juice can come in glass or plastic bottles in many sizes.

Glass bottles with a dark tint will keep the liquid from degrading over time, and are better for storing the e-juice for more than a few weeks. 

If you plan to stock up on vape juice in certain flavours, with or without nicotine, keep them away from heat or light — especially sunlight. 

Ensure the bottle is fully sealed to avoid air getting in. 

Over time, oxidation can make the vape juice go stale. 

You should store your vape juice in a dry, cool, and dark cabinet or drawer to extend the life of the flavour and freshness. 

Do not store it in the fridge to avoid bacterial growth, condensation, and a degradation of quality.

Flavours and storage

If you like to mix your own flavours, it is better to mix them directly in your device’s tank or in a smaller bottle, while storing the flavours for longer periods of time in their natural, raw form. 

It is thought that menthol and tobacco flavours last longer than fruity flavours, so choose your flavours wisely when stocking up and keep an eye on them to ensure freshness. 

You will also want to shake your bottles from time to time to keep the flavouring and other ingredients from separating — do not overshake to prevent oxidation. 

How to tell if it’s still good

The first thing to do to check if your vape juice is still good is check the expiration date. 

If your vape juice is stale, it is still safe to use — you just may not get the same enjoyable flavour and experience.

If you have vape juice with nicotine, you may notice that it is darker or tastes harsher — meaning it has oxidized. 

Vape juice can go bad over time if left in a vape device — causing possible damage to the wicks. 

To protect your wicks and coils, do not attempt to use the e-juice — dump it and replace the coil and wick, then refill with new e-juice and enjoy.

Vape juice can be stored for up to a year if stored properly.

Keep your vape juice in a cool area, away from direct sunlight, to prolong its freshness and flavour. 

To protect it from getting in the wrong hands or mouths, always keep it stored away from the reach of pets and children.

Visit your local vape shop today to stock up on your favourite vape juice and maybe find a new flavour to try.


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