The Muay Thai Exercise from Thailand Phuket


In English, Muay Thai is translated as “Thai boxing”. Muay Thai is a form of martial arts and is easy for newbies of martial arts. In the 13th century, Muay Thai was first introduced by the army of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Muay Thai is well known by its name, “The Art of 8 Limbs”. It is called so because it is associated with the following eight parts of the body: 

  • Fists (pair) 
  • Shins (pair) 
  • Elbows (pair) 
  • Knees (pair) 

As Muay Thai was first introduced in Thailand, it is the National sport of Thailand. But, as time passed, its popularity increased, and now it is known and practised all over the World. 

Health and Muay Thai 

As all the sports and exercises promise good health if practised regularly, so is Muay Thai. There are several mental and physical health benefits of Muay Thai; some of them are discussed below 

Body fitness 

Muay Thai training requires the workout of several hours; it helps in weight loss and gives the body a good shape. It increases body metabolism and burns extra fat. 

Maintains Cardiac health 

Muay Thai workout is an anaerobic exercise; it results in increased blood circulation. This increased flow can unbolt any plaques in the arteries. In this way, it protects the body from major heart diseases like myocardial infarction. It also helps to balance blood pressure. 

Improves hip movement 

The moves of Muay Thai, like kicking, are good for the hip joint; it saves the hip joint to become immovable. Mobility of the hip joint is important to forbid lower back pain. 

Release of Endorphins 

Endorphins are a group of hormones. They are released abruptly during Muay Thai. They give a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. Endorphins promise a better sleep and release stress. Help people to overcome their anxiety.  

Firms legs and arms muscles 

As Muay Thai involves moves associated with legs and arms, the anaerobic respiration occurs in the muscles of legs and arms, and more energy is fueled to muscles which makes them strong. 

Training centres for Muay Thai 

There are many training centres for Muay Thai overall in the World, but the best training centres are located in Thailand as it is the national sport of this country. Phuket is the Island of Thailand; it is famous for having the best training centres for outlanders and newbies. Phuket training camps provide affordable packages for outlanders. In the past, these camps were completely traditional with no facilities to accommodate any foreigners, but now as there is a huge flow of tourists coming to this country to learn Muay Thai. So many advanced Camps have been constructed to provide luxuries and comfort to the tourists. 


Muay Thai at is the national sport of Thailand; it is a type of MMA and has many physical and mental health benefits. Phuket, the Island of Thailand, is very famous for training centres for outlanders. Muay Thai also helps people with self-defence, releasing stress and firming their body muscles. 


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