The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Marble Table

Marble Table

Buying a new piece of furniture always needs proper contemplation. Markets today offer customers a gazillion options from which to select. However, there are numerous parameters that one needs to consider when buying something as important as a dining table. In addition, buyers usually want something durable that adds an aesthetic appeal to their home.

A Marble table is a dining table with a countertop made up of marble. However, the base and legs of the table are necessarily not carved out of marble. The rest of the body could be of wood, steel, or other stones like granite. These tables come in different colours, styles, and shapes and can be customised easily according to your preference. If you are planning to buy a table with a marble tabletop, you have come to the right place. Here listed a few pros and cons to help you make the right decision.


  • AESTHETIC APPEAL: Marble tabletops are undoubtedly the most aesthetically appealing pieces of furniture that one can add to their home. It is the perfect choice for all types of homes. Such tables can transform your basic interior décor into something modern and expensive. Moreover, these tables complement both modern and traditional settings.
  • TIMELESS AND UNIQUE: Marbles are undeniably timeless and one-of-a-kind. These tables are unlikely to go out of style and have been around for a long time. Moreover, you don’t always find homes with marble tabletops, as wooden tables are more common. So, if one buys a marble tabletop, they can easily make their home décor stand out from the rest. Marbles also come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so there are numerous and distinct options from which one can select.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Unlike wooden tables, marble tables are highly resistant to moisture. Moreover, marble is also resistant to corrosion from acids to alkalis.
  • RESTORABLE: Marbles can be restored with the help of a professional. So, just in case your marble tabletop gets stained and has scratches, you don’t need to replace it completely.


  • HEAVY: Tables with marble countertops are heavier than other types of tables. Therefore, you will have a tough time moving them while cleaning and maintaining them. So, if that is an issue for you, then maybe you should avoid buying marble tables.
  • COST OF MAINTENANCE: The cost of maintenance of a marble table can be comparatively higher. Even after taking proper care and precautions, marble tables can need restoration. If you opt for professional help in restoration, then it can be expensive. So, before buying a Marble table, check the warranty and guarantee to ensure that you can save on maintenance for a few years.
  • EASILY STAINED: Marble tables can get easily stained. Even the rim of a glass of water or cup of tea can leave a stain on marble tables. So, coasters need to be used at all times. A lot goes into the proper care and maintenance of these tables. If you have young kids, you need to rethink before investing in them.
  • NON-RESISTANT TO SCRATCHES: One of the greatest down points of a Marble table is that it is resistant to scratches. Sealing marble tables is recommended. However, even sealing does not eliminate the chances of scratching. Compared to other stones, marbles are sensitive to many things. So, taking immense care is essential. Therefore, think wisely before buying.

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