The Truth About How Long You Can Survive Without Sleep


You’ve probably heard that you need eight hours of sleep a night. But what if you could get by on four—or even two? According to some researchers, it’s possible. Recent studies have shown that there may be benefits to short stints of sleep deprivation. For example, one study found that people who slept for four hours a night for five days performed just as well on cognitive tests as those who had gotten a good night’s sleep every night for a week.

The Activity Called Sleep

Sleep is usually considered probably one of the most important activities we do. If we live to the age of 78, we will have spent almost 25 years asleep. It makes you wonder, “How long could I live without sleep?” And whether you would be better off if you were able to survive without sleeping for a week. Here are some interesting facts about how much sleep we really need and how long we can survive without it.

According to (CDC), the average person actually needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per day, according to CDC. However, some people can get away with less sleep, and some need more sleep. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reports that about 40 percent of Americans say they Get Enough Sleep. Still, two-thirds of American adults say they have had a problem falling asleep or staying asleep at least once in the past year.

Sleep is still an enigma because it involves our brain, some of whose mysteries still stand unsolved today. Though we have discoveries every day, various pressing questions still stand unsolved to this day.

How Much Sleep Do We Need?


Age Group


Hours of Sleep Needed
0-3 months


14-17 hours
4-12 months


12-16 hours
1-2 Years


11-14 hours
3-5 Years

6-12 Years


10-13 hours

9-12 hours


13-18 Years


8-10 hours
18-60 Years


7 hours or more
61-64 Years


7-9 hours
65 Years


7-8 hours

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

 There are various effects of sleep deprivation that begin with lack of sleep, affect mood, energy, and performance, and affect heart and brain health. It can increase the risk of getting sick from a virus. It can also lead to psychosis and other conditions.

Sleep deprivation can have other side effects, too.

  •  In addition to fatigue and increased risk of diabetes.
  •  Sleep deprivation also affects our libido and impairs our motor skills.
  • Some studies suggest that it can cause seizures in people with epilepsy.
  • The most common side effect of sleep deprivation is reduced energy, increasing the risk for heart disease.
  • In addition to lowering the level of creativity and memory, it can lead to depression and anxiety.

It is very essential to get enough sleep every night because it helps you feel better and stay alert throughout the day. It is essential to rest, and getting a good night’s sleep is vital to overall health. Also, you must take note of the size of your mattress for getting proper sleep.

Long Term Effects of Sleep Deprivations

  • Increased risk of obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk of anxiety and depression
  • Increased sleep-related ailments such as Insomnia, sleep apnea, etc

Some Sleepy Facts

Sleepy Fact 1:-Sleep is more critical to food for survival.

Sleep is essential for survival. It is the single most crucial part of the day. We spend one-third of our day sleeping. Quality sleep is as essential to our survival as food. It restores and maintains pathways in our brains, which help us learn and remember. But it is often observed that people can still survive without food and water for a certain amount of time. We actually have all heard stories of people in lifeboats who have survived a long time in the open seas without food and water. It’s an established reality that humans can survive almost 3 weeks without food, a week without water.

When it comes to sleep, it has been observed that humans can survive only 11 days without it, and then they are just not able to function and die out of sleep deprivation.

While sleep is more important than food for survival, its importance cannot be understated. We need a certain amount of sleep each night to maintain our health. Our brains and bodies require a certain amount of rest to function correctly. Working late can negatively impact both our mental and physical performance. The longer we usually go without rest, the less energy we spend on our daily activities. We have to sleep to function properly. Therefore, one needs to sleep in proper size beds and with comfortable blankets. One must select blankets or duvets that fit in all types of beds.

Sleepy Fact -2:-Sleep deprivation is often associated as a form of torture

In a 2007 report by Physicians for Human Rights First, researchers revealed that sleep deprivation could be so damaging to a person’s health that it is considered a form of torture. They noted that the effects of sleep deprivation could be especially severe in those who are already sick or traumatised. These studies show that sleeping for less than seven hours per night is detrimental to a person’s health.

While sleep deprivation is often characterized as torture, some argue that it is an acceptable form of punishment. Whether the person suffers from mental or physical trauma, sleep deprivation can lead to irrational behaviour. Other symptoms include hallucinations, loss of concentration, and memory lapses. In extremely severe cases, the victim may even die. In addition, sleep deprivation is a common way for abusers to gain control of their victims.

Sleepy Fact:-3 Humans are the Only species that delay sleep.

As the only mammals to delay sleep, humans are the only mammals to delay sleep willfully. Despite our advanced cognitive skills, other species do not sacrifice their sleep. All other animals and mammals recognize the importance of sleep and will not compromise it. Fortunately, the human brain is the only mammal in the world that can willfully defer sleep. That makes us the only species to perform a wide range of activities.


Sleep deprivation can also have adverse effects on the body. When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, their body’s natural hormone levels drop. This is a problem for those who have Insomnia. It is recommended to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, it is essential to visit a doctor immediately. They can prescribe the right medication to improve your sleep and health.

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