Tips for Cleaning and grooming your pet at home


Pet grooming is not such a difficult procedure that pet owners make it out to be. The truth is, if your pet’s health and happiness truly matter to you, finding natural ways of getting the task done should be considered. A clean, healthy pet is such a joy to have for every pet owner and should be seen as important for your pet’s health.

Whether you choose to clean and groom your pet yourself or get an expert from an Animal Care center that use grooming supplies from trusted suppliers such as Ryan’s Pet Supplies, we have covered several tips for cleaning and grooming your pet at home with ease.

1.) Be Consistent About It

Pets that have become used to being cleaned and groomed will feel more relaxed whenever you are at it. A calm and relaxed pet makes the cleaning and grooming activity easier for everyone because they are used to being touched all over.

If you do not want to turn a normal cleaning and grooming activity into a battle with your pet each time, consistency is important. This is even more important if you raised your pet from a pup or kitten to adulthood.

2.) Scheduled Baths for Your Pet

Your pet should have a full bath at least once every 2 weeks if it’s an outdoor pet and once every 3 days if it’s an indoor pet. To bath your pet properly, first consult your League City Veterinary expert on the best course of action to follow.

Ideally, the steps to follow involve filling a large tub with warm water, and then wet your pet completely with water without pouring directly into its eyes, ears or nose. Next, rub pet shampoo all over the pet’s body massaging it into its body. Finally, you can rinse the pet off with a spray hose or wet washcloth, wiping off all the shampoo foams.

Using a large, soft and dry towel, you can dry up the animal’s coat to reduce the absorbed water on their fur.

3.) Cutting and Trimming of Nails

Over-grown nails can be quite unsightly in pets, so it’s important that this aspect of grooming is taken care of too. Pets with over-grown nails often walk with an audible clicking or tapping sound when they walk. If this is the case with your pet, then it is time for a nail trim.

If you do not know how to do this, consider consulting a League City veterinarian for assistance. Ideally, the first step to take before cutting or trimming your pet’s nails is to get a pair of good nail clippers that can do the job perfectly well.

You can carry the animal on your lap, hold it securely while you trim its nails or draw it close, hold up the paw and clip the nails. Whichever option, you prefer to use, try to be careful so as not to hurt the animal.

If there is a wound, use a towel or paper tissue to stop it. In a case where the bleeding continues, you can get some styptic powder on it to stop the bleeding. Visit pet grooming League City if the bleeding fails to stop despite all attempts.

4.) Hair or Fur cutting as advised by League City Vets

Most pets have a good deal of hairs or fur that requiring cutting from time to time. As a pet owner, all you need to get this done are a pair of shears and a good imagination. First, you will have to make sure that your pet is in a calm mood and receptive.

The pet’s hair should be straightened at first to remove tangles before you begin. Next, draw and hold the animal close then proceed to shear or cut the over-grown hair without actually cutting close to the skin.

Remember to keep the pet’s hair in tune with its body depending on the breed of the pet (long-haired or short-haired breed).

5.) Teeth brushing and Oral Care as advised by your League City Veterinarian

Pets need proper dental care just as we do because they also experience dental problems. To avoid some of these challenges, healthy dental hygiene is necessary.

First off, it’s important to start brushing your pet’s teeth early enough so that it gets used to the activity. Brushing should be done slowly in small, circular motions to avoid hurting the pet.

Tartar, gingivitis and bad breath are all signs that your pet needs better dental attention. Teeth brushing can be done a couple of times every week. Consistency is the key because your pet will relax better when it becomes certain that you are not trying to hurt it.

The best brushes and toothpaste to use should be recommended by a professional pet grooming near your residence for easy reaching out should you need support. It is important that you follow instructions as advised by your veterinary expert of choice.

In conclusion, with a little practice using these tips, you can keep your pet clean and well-groomed always without any extra effort on your part, or you can contact League City Veterinary Clinic for pet’s professional grooming and cleaning.


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