Tips for Effective Note-Taking


Most effective way of attaining knowledge and information for the students is self-learning and online education is supporting self-learning in a very tremendous way. Today students are flying sky high with the help of online education. It is so because online education is giving a lot of support to the students to complete their studies and preparation for exams in a facilitative way. To support such innovative processes in the education system, school managements are opting for LMS. An LMS is a learning management system which includes ERP also in the online education process where ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning which manages an organization like school, corporate houses etc. properly for its smooth functioning. Along with all these facilities, there are few things which need to be done by students for their own benefit and one of them is making notes, making notes of important subjects which are usually tough to be understood, is very necessary. Students usually face many problems during their studies but their main problem is tough language of few subjects or their books and to solve this problem they make their own notes in which they simplify those books into their own language and sometimes they make their own code language also to memorize long answers in the form of abbreviations. Despite all these efforts students are not able to make their notes properly. So, lets understand the correct methods of for effective note-taking:

  • We rarely see any teacher writing notes on the black or white board if she or she does this ten it is a boon to the students otherwise it will be wise for the students to pen down the important factors of the lectures like while studying maths it is important to pen down the illustrations of particular maths formulas to solve further questions based on that formula easily. Although it takes a little bit of time to listen carefully and pen down with speed along with speaking of the lecturer, it becomes beneficial making notes this way.
  • To go beyond the limits in anything proves to be harmful for anyone, therefore in the matter of making notes also one should not become crazy like if it is known that it is good to pen down lecture then students should not over do it and start to spend down each and every single word uttered from the mouth of lecturer. Only important points should be noted down.
  • One should never hesitate while learning and asking. So, if the students missed something during the lecture, then it is necessary that the student should ask the tutor the term he or she missed if the tutor is going very fast. If due to some reason a student is not willing to ask during the class, then he or she can ask after the class to the tutor about the missed term. Apart from this, a student can ask from his peers also and can complete the notes. Continuous maintaining the notes is very necessary also.
  • To assure the data of the note’s student needs to compare them with various sources such as with raw data of the lecturer or with notes of a peer group to ensure that material written in the notes is the same as what lecturer was giving on white or black board and no mistake is there. Sometimes such comparison clears the situation if any important point is missing and didn’t come in notice.
  • It happens often that students scribble the notes in the class in lack of speed and at the time of exams they themselves aren’t able to understand their own notes then it becomes of no use to prepare such heavy notes. So, if a student has such an issue, then he or she needs to rewrite or copy their notes after coming home properly so that they can read and prepare from those notes at the time of exam.
  • Prepare the notes in such an organized way that it should be very easy to find the lessons and topics particularly when one has to study from those notes. Like sticky notes should be stuck at the end of the page so that searching a particular lesson or topic should become easy at the time of preparation of exams.
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