Tips to Buy a Comfortable and Stylish Suit for Men

Men's suit jackets

Purchasing a new suit can turn out to be a confusing task if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for as there are many styles, fits, materials, and colours to select. If you select the wrong one, you waste thousands of dollars. Many people think that as long as you can close the button of a suit and pull it off comfortably, you’re good to go.

But there are many things to consider when you purchase a suit. Today, you can find a stylish range of classic and modern Men’s suit jackets. From bold check, window-pane jackets to suits in colours like black, blue, navy, denim, pinstripe, and more, such jackets instantly impart the wearer more confidence. Keep reading to know the basics of choosing a stylish and functional suit for yourself.

Select the Fabric

A high-quality suit jacket is made from 100 per cent wool. But as this material is not cheap, you can often find its blends. If you have a reasonable budget, you are better off buying suits made of 100 percent wool. Suits of this material can also be worn on any occasion, any time of the year. Cotton suits are also quite common, but you can wear them only during spring, summer, and fall. If you are planning to purchase a suit for the summer season, explore those made from linen. But out of all these materials, wool will give you the most value for your money.

Look at the Number of Buttons

A three-button suit is the most common option. This type of suit enables the wearer to reach higher on their chest. It also flatters their overall look. Today, you can also find two-button suits. These kinds are ideal for men who have a shorter torso. It lengthens their frame. Currently, a two-button style is the most popular option. There’s also a one-button suit. This style is appropriate for those who work in a creative job environment. It helps men achieve a sleek and modern look when worn well.

Decide on the Fit

There are mainly two kinds of fits in this garment: classic fit and slim fit. Classic fit suit jackets are ideal for work, special events, and weddings. They are looser around the chest. A slim-fit jacket is a good option for skinny body types. It’s a body-hugging fit that imparts a contemporary and sharp look. Today you can find men’s suit jackets for every body shape online, like tailored fit jackets, classic fit jackets, performance jackets, and super slim fit designs. Irrespective of your body shape, you can find jackets of the perfect fit.

Consider the Shoulder Width and Jacket Closure

Good shoulder width is identical to the body structure of the wearer underneath the suit jacket. If the shoulder width is too narrow, it will create wrinkles on the suit’s top and the arm’s upper part. On the other hand, a shoulder width that’s too wide will make inside jacket gaps.

A good jacket reflects a precise button closure, and the two sides intersect smoothly. If you purchase a tighter suit jacket, you’ll likely observe the lapels broadening on the sides. If the jacket is too loose, it will create a gap in the front.

Find the Right Jacket Length and Sleeve Length

An ideal jacket length meets the fingers when you straighten your arm. Suppose you find the jacket ending near your arm wrist,if it goes past your arms, it’s pretty long.

An ideal jacket suit allows the shirt you have worn beneath to peak at the sleeve’s end. Very short jacket sleeves distance the wrist and the sleeve’s end, while too long sleeves cover the shirt beneath wholly.

These are some of the considerations you should keep in mind when finding a jacket suit for yourself. They’ll ensure that you buy a suit jacket of the perfect fit that makes you look flawless.


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