Tips to Choose Custom Blinds

Tips to Choose Custom Blinds

Window treatments like curtains add elegance and dimension to a space. The right ones can help insulate the home and minimize heating costs. Custom curtains and blinds can make any room look stylish and welcoming, while the wrong ones can make your visitors feel as if they are in a dull and uninspiring space. A high-quality blind is an investment, and it must be long-lasting. You can find DIY blinds online that you can choose, measure, and install according to your needs. They utilise refined processes, technology, and hardware from renowned hardware suppliers like Rolleace and Acmeda. These are made of fabrics hand selected from interior designers and premium fabric suppliers like Warwick, Zepel, Charles Parsons, and the like. Here are some vital considerations when you’re shopping for custom-made curtains.

Pick the Right Fabric

The suitable fabric for you depends on the room you wish to decorate. Fabrics like linen, velvet, and silk hang best. Pleat the fabric like in accordion when you visit the showroom. How it falls is how it fills the drape in your area. If you want to install curtains in the kitchen or living room where privacy does not matter much, fabrics like silk and linen are good choices as they let the light through. Fabrics like velvet and suede block the sunlight. Another thing to check is whether you can machine wash your curtains. Only cotton curtains can be machine-washed.

Choose the Right Colour

Bright colours are ideal for hanging your curtains in a generously sunny room. You must pick that colour that highlights the patterns in your room without appearing too matchy. When purchasing DIY blinds online, you can give them your measurements, colours, and options like curtain style and finish. You can opt for various colours like shades of white, oyster, fossil, platinum, and pewter. Pick one that you think contrasts nicely with your furniture items.

Consider the Pleating

If you love giving attention to detail, you must consider the way you’ll want your curtain’s top to be pleated. Pinch-pleated blinds impart a classic tailored look. Their top hem is pinched in a double, triple, or single-fold.

Goblet-pleated hems are more formal and ideal for a dining or living room. The pleats are in a goblet and rounded shapes. They are stuffed for appearing fuller. Another type of pleating is the grommet-top. It consists of a lined opening throughout the drape’s top and a curtain rod.

Know About the Right Size

When you hang the curtains higher on the wall, it’ll make the window look more prominent. It would be better to try to go inches above the window frame. It is also a good decision to add 4 to 8 inches to your window width. It ensures that a significant part of the glass shows when the curtain is open. If you desire a draped look, the curtain must be twice as broad as the window in your home. But many people want a more tailored look. In this case, the curtain panels can be just two inches wider than your window.

Consider the Length

You should also know how long the curtain should fall. For shorter curtains, their hem should only touch the window sill. Today many new curtain lengths have risen in popularity. The curtain can also fall an inch or two above the floor. It is called ‘breaking the floor.’ On the other hand, when the curtain falls an inch above the floor, it’s called ‘pooling the floor.’

These are some main points you must consider when exploring custom curtains online. When you purchase the one that matches your home décor, it can make a significant variation in the overall appearance of your room.


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