Tips to Mentally Prepare Before Climbing Aconcagua


Before going Hiking, you should prepare yourself physically and mentally. Climbing Aconcagua needs extra training as it is Level 8. You will need to prepare your body and mind for an average of 6 to 8 hours of climbing at altitudes with an exceeding rate of not more than 7,000 meters. You will also need to consider a freezing long day to reach its summit.


You may want to stop Hiking if you are not mentally prepared. Fortunately, you can learn and use some tips that will help you prepare mentally for what comes during your Hiking on Aconcagua Treks.


  • Go on a Dummy Hike

You don’t have to think hard when going out Hiking. You can visit hill areas in the town or backcountry where you can replicate hiking for several days. You can prepare for real Hiking by carrying your food, gear, and tent. Get familiar with nature and look for the problems you face during this dummy hike.


  • Have Positive Attitude

Before starting anything, it is essential to have a positive mindset. Look at everything in a carefree manner, and don’t stress out over minor inconveniences you may face during your Hiking. A positive outlook also keeps away negative energy, and later you can tell about your great adventure only containing good memories. Remember you are going to experience bad weather so prepare for it.


  • Get a Toy for a Hard Time

Most people consider a toy as their comfort thing as it causes them to calm down. You can see many people keep their favorite toy close to themselves before starting their speech or any performance. You can also get a toy when things get hard during the Aconcagua expedition.

Some people consider food as their comfort object. You can test what keeps your heartbeat normal during hard times. Try chocolate, different gestures, or stuffed toys to find which makes you relaxed most.


  • Write it Down

Writing down your mountain climbing journey is not only a great way to make you mentally fit, but it also gives you the power to record your memory. There will be no electricity in the mountain, and when your mobile’s battery dies, you can’t capture those beautiful views.

You can write stories about your day, what you saw today, how long until you reach the peak and more things in your style.


  • Be Flexible and Realistic

Being flexible and realistic is very helpful for mountain climbers as it helps them easily find solutions to new challenges. You will need all the available information to climb Aconcagua and set goals according to them. However, leave room for adjustment in your goal as you may need to change your mindset to keep going.



Climbing is a great way of doing a workout as it leaves the ultimate refreshing feeling behind. However, preparing for climbing needs at least a month. A mountain climber needs to figure out many things such as their physical health, gears available, when to hike, etc.


You can find Aconcagua Guided Climb if you are climbing for the first time. They will help you in your expedition and ensure you enjoy your climb.



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