Top 10 Tips to make the best use of a Virtual Event Platform


If you work in the event management industry, you understand the value of a Virtual Event Platform. We all know that these platforms can not only reduce your manual work and increase your efficiency but also help you prove event ROI to your stakeholders. The challenge now isn’t deciding on which event management platform to choose but is to make the best use of it to increase the credibility of an event.

Let’s have a look at 10 tips for making the most of your virtual platform and getting the most results from your virtual event.

  1. UNDERSTAND THE BENEFITS OF YOUR VIRTUAL EVENT SOFTWAREWhat functions does your virtual platform provider have to offer? Inquire about them. Learn about all of the features available on the virtual event platform and decide which ones are right for you. For example, in Eventdex we offer virtual workshops, panel discussions, virtual tradeshow booths, virtual roundtables, clubhouse style video rooms, speed networking, virtual business matchmaking, virtual event gamification and many more connecting features for networking within the event.
  2. DEVELOP A CLEAR AGENDAOne easy step to increase your meeting effectiveness is to always include a well-thought-out event agenda. You don’t want your guests to be kept waiting for an extended period. Allow attendees to plan by providing a detailed agenda with timings clearly defined and any relevant links included.
  3. KEEP YOUR VISUAL BRANDING CONSISTENTIt’s critical to match your online event materials to your brand’s aesthetic. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of your online events as apart from everything else you do!

    Use a logo, color, typefaces, and other graphics or elements that are consistent with the overall style of your company. You’ll give your attendees a consistent experience, and your brand will become more identifiable as a result.

  4. BE MOBILE-FRIENDLYMost of your attendees will be watching your event on their phones, it’s critical that you optimize your content for mobile viewing.

Eventdex’s state-of-the-art event mobile app allows you to send live updates to your attendees at all times. The comprehensive networking options enable guests to use the onsite event management app to connect with their peers. It provides real-time event performance information to planners and drives attendee engagement with interactive features like polling and Q&A.

  1. CREATE AWARENESS VIA BLOGS, EMAILS, AND SOCIAL MEDIAFor your upcoming virtual event, social media is the one avenue that can help you raise enthusiasm, increase participation, and engagement. It is an important marketing tool that allows event managers to communicate with their audience directly, build a community around the event, generate more revenue, and maximize their ROI. Make your brand event the talk of the town by developing a social media marketing strategy.
    Plan certain intervals in your event where your audience is invited to join, and they will feel more connected in the proceedings.Make a pop quiz, ask for their input in a vote, and be conversational while you go over your material. Most online event management platforms have interactive features such as a chatbox, which allows attendees to ask questions and post their responses to any questions you pose.
  3. TRACK AND ENGAGE WITH ANALYTICSAnother significant advantage of moving to virtual is the availability of analytics. Attendee analytics show you where they are, what they’re doing, and which sessions and speakers are the most popular. Getting your data and evaluating it is crucial to improving your online events. You can even show this information to sponsors as you plan your next event.
    Eventdex helps you get critical insights into attendee behavior which can be exported into a CSV or an Excel file for follow-ups.
  4. PREPARE TO TROUBLESHOOTIt’s possible that you’ll wish to use more than one platform. You can switch to a different service if there are any technical issues with your video or audio, and the event will go on as planned.
  5. SEND POST-EVENT FOLLOW UPThere’s just one way to find out how your event went over with your attendees if you’re itching to know. Inquire about them!

    Make sure to let your attendees know how they can have access to the event’s recordings afterward. This will also inspire them to return the following time!

  6. DEBRIEFA detailed and honest event debrief will assist you in determining what went well, what went wrong, and what could be improved for the future. Allow your team a few days to recover after the event before convening a one- to 1.5-hour event debriefing to discuss your performance. That way, you will be better prepared for your next virtual event!


Virtual events are a fun and efficient method to communicate with individuals all around the world. You can build an online event using strategic thinking, good preparation, and marketing abilities with these virtual event recommendations.

Virtual event platforms like Eventdex can help organisations plan and execute virtual events from start to finish.

If you are looking for event management software contact our sales team today:

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