Top 3 Street Sign Advertising Tips You Should Remember

Top 3 Street Sign Advertising Tips You Should Remember

Street signs are extremely capable of delivering great value within a short period. Even though many people question the effectiveness of street signs, they can be used as one of the best marketing methods for businesses. Businesses can not only promote their brand to thousands of road users but can also increase your brand visibility. Additionally, the street signs will have a huge impact on the mind of road users. Therefore, they won’t forget about your company.

The street signs are also effective at capturing the attention of the drivers in an instant. Sometimes, the drivers are so impressed with the appearance of the street signs that they stop their cars and seek out to not down relevant information about your business. However, the roads are a dangerous place. Hence, the street signs should promote your brand without causing a distraction to the drivers. To avoid any mistake, here are the top 3 street sign advertising tips you should know.

Keep the Message Short 

Most of the time, marketers become so excited that they end up providing all the general pieces of information about their brand, making the objective of the promotion unclear. This much information will make the signage overwhelming and messy. But for street signs, there is another reason why you need to keep the brand message short and simple. As drivers will be driving their car based on the speed limit, they won’t have more than a couple of seconds to road your sign. Therefore, they will ignore the lengthy message. If the message is more than eight words, the brain and eyes will fail to make a connection. One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your street signs is by keeping the message short. As per Hubspot, the brand message needs to be short. This way the drivers can easily interpret the message.

Make Sure the Visual is Simple

While picking visuals for the street signs, many marketers make mistakes that eventually decrease the effectiveness and visibility of the street signs. If you want to improve the visual of your street signs, you need to remember three essential points: big, basic, and bold. The street sign is going to be big. Therefore, make sure the artwork or photo is of proper size. If you use a regular photo instead of high-quality photos, the pixels will be destroyed which will make the photo blurry. However, drivers can easily recognize and interpret high-resolution photos. While purchasing high-quality street signsit’s better if you discuss with the manufacturer company before finalizing the design.

Use Contrasting Colors

The colors will play an important role in the visibility of your street signs. Make sure you increase the visibility of your street signs using two contrasting colors: one for the typeface and the other for the background of the sign. You can also use a third color, but make sure it’s not distracting the other two. Too many colors will overwhelm the drivers and other road users. Not to mention, your street signs will look distracting. Make sure the color is consistent as per your brand message. Don’t choose something that can be blended with the environment.


These are the top 3 street sign designing tips you need to know. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know.


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