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The cultural destination exhibits an abundance of picturesque summits. These summits are the most traveled upon for the purpose of photoshoots and videos. Furthermore, cinematic shots also provide a benefit of the doubt to such treks. The treks in Uttarakhand are not solely enjoyed at their peak, the haul is equally pleasant and wonderful. Magnificent pictures are sometimes blessed either by the snow or the barren mountains with lush green meadows. Mountainous views are always majestic and Uttarakhand possesses a number of high peaks that are lucrative for marvelous photographs.

Kedarkantha Trek

In a duration of 5 days, you complete the journey of accomplishing the peak and climbing down. It is a peak that is adopted by beginners and veterans. The incline is indeed steeper than a lot of peaks but consistent endurance can assist you to conquer the stride. Woods and clearings would often offer you a visit on your way. Flickering sunlight appears to play hide and seek with you. As you get closer to the peak the snow cover under your feet becomes even thicker. The snowfall and snow stacks are largely found because this trek is ideally taken between the months of December and April. With Sankri marking the beginning, Juda ka Talab comes to your vision as you rest for the first camp. In the next 2 days, you reach the summit surrounded by prominent mountains from all sides. The tread across the ridge at 12,500ft high, offers the best opportunity for photography.

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Bali Pass Trek

Treks are usually not located in Wildlife Sanctuaries but this is one of those rare treks that is located inside the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. At a height of 16, 250 ft., it attributes itself as a difficult trek. Only experienced trekkers are expected to undertake this incline. Huge barren mountains with undulating surfaces are a major view in this trek. A duration of 9 days is required to complete this trek. Preferably May, June, September, and October are the months to traverse this haul. Forests and streams could also be expected in this trek, along with the miraculous Ruinsara Tal Lake. As you proceed towards the peak you realize a presence amidst terrific summits around you Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, and many more.

Valley of Flowers Trek

The most vibrant treks of all treks in India is remarkably referred to as one of the World Heritage sites. It is easy to reach the destination but the trail is slightly longer. The valley demonstrates the best form of flora and fauna of the world and deserves the attention of the entire world that only your photography can make it. The gently sloping valley is the joining land between Zanskar and the great Himalayas. This adheres to the spectacular Pushpawati river that offers another great opportunity to click the nature’s deposition that is clearly visible through the waterbed. To enjoy the best view of the flowers blooming mid-July to mid-August is the best time to visit.

Brahmatal Trek

Heaven amongst all the winter treks. The attractive campsites under the cloudy sky prompt you to envision yourself on another planet but earth. It is not difficult to reach up to an elevation of 12, 500 feet that is possessed by this summit. This is usually hiked during the winter months for the best possible views (December to February). It is a fulfilling trek of 10-14 days just on either side of Roopkund Trek. The inclining mountain slopes covered with coniferous trees that are at the mercy of the snow offer a picturesque vista to click splendid sights.

Kedartal Trek

As the name suggests it is a trek to a high altitude lake that has become popular with time. The pristine lake is a relief to the soul and a treasure trove for replenishment. 7 days of efficiently moderate trek lands you at the height of 16,110 ft. above sea level. To witness this gorgeous lake and capture the best Instagram shots it is advised that you attempt this trek in the months of May, June, September, and October. The trail is also familiar to hilly fauna and you may come across some rare species such as the Himalayan black bear that is exclusive to the Kedartal Trek. Such unique species are destined to be captured as these are not something you will encounter in your daily life.

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