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The current era of marketing revolves around the art of efficient digital marketing, and the most powerful tool available at the hands of brands is the power of Video. Gone are the days where Brands can get by with campaigns that are all about written content and pictures alone. Mainstream audiences have reached the point where their platforms are oversaturated with such content and lose their attention spans extremely easily.

This has made investing in the power of Video creation a necessity to market one’s products and services online, as good video is the easiest way to reach out to a large audience and engage with them in a productive campaign that sees positive responses. 

Brands everywhere are slowly realizing the power of good video, and many have adopted comprehensive digital video marketing strategies to make the most out of this emerging trend in the market. Most people around the world spend more than a third of their time online watching video content, and every moment not spent capitalizing on this potential is a moment wasted. 

If you don’t have a proper video marketing strategy in place for your brand, you’re already behind the curve. However, the rapid growth of the industry makes it a very lucrative space to get into, with the potential to create content being available to everyone. 

This Guide will give you a jumpstart on how to best leverage this potential and create a productive video marketing strategy for your brand for the maximum return on investment for your efforts. Before we start the guide you must know that for video marketing you’ll need a quality video and that could be an hectic task. You can use a video maker to make your work easy but overall an editor would be required if you are working on a big project. 

The Potential of Video Marketing

Before we work on developing the most effective strategy for your visual marketing endeavors, it’s important to recognize and understand why such an opportunity exists in the market to best exploit it. So, what makes it so important?

In a nutshell, it’s because Video is the most effective form of media there is today and is also the place audiences tend to be the most responsive. The ease of consumption and engagement make it so much more productive than some in-depth messaging or pictures, and it seamlessly integrates itself into our entertainment. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few statistics about the power of video content-

  • On average, people watch about 16 hours of video a week.
  • Viewers tend to retain about 95% of the content in a video as compared to 10% in text format.
  • Consumers are 184% more likely to purchase products on e-commerce sites when they see user-generated videos on them.
  • 87% of video marketers say that video has given them positive ROI

Now that we know about the power of video, let’s look at exactly how you can use videos to help your brand. 

Videos are by far the best way to increase engagement. A video is a form of media that can effectively engage viewers even in the limited amount of time they get to be displayed. If you can shoot and display a compelling video to your audience, you can instantly grab their audience and encourage them to further be captivated by your business. Apart from this, they’re also a great way to establish a degree of credibility and trust that comes with showcasing your brand on such a platform. 

If you can accomplish these basic objectives with your video content, you’re guaranteed to drive more sales towards your business. 

The Ultimate Video Marketing Strategy

Now that we’re aware of just how powerful good video can be, let’s look at how we can convert this knowledge into making the ultimate video marketing strategy for your brand. 

As with any good strategy, the most important step in the right approach to researching and planning out whatever you plan on creating. This strategy is what ultimately decides how you work- with your budgets, production, conversion metrics, etc. Thus, the preparation itself is the most key step. Here are a few ways to get started with this preparation.

  • Analyze the Competition- As any good business does, you should always identify your competitors in the market, and what exactly it is that makes them stand out. The same can be done with their strategy, by scrutinizing the details of the content they’re putting out. While analyzing their content, keep a few details in mind to look out for. Look at what type of videos they make, what channels of communication they focus on, what topics they cover in their videos, how audiences engage with this content, etc. 
  • Set realistic goals- The next step is to outline what exactly the goal of your marketing campaign is, so the content you put out can be designed accordingly. This means deciding on what objective of marketing you want to accomplish. Three such great objectives to establish your marketing campaign around are- Creating Awareness, Problem considerations, and Solution/Decision making.

Along the same vein, you can also focus on figuring out who your target audience is. If you know exactly who you’re making your content for, you can make it accordingly. You can answer this question simply by looking at your product, and where the consumers of such products tend to hang around. 

  • Try Sticking to your budget and timeline- Once you’ve established the requirements, you’ve to work on creating a timeline for your video-making strategy, which also outlines all your creative and budgetary requirements. It can be difficult sticking to such a thing especially when you’re just starting it, but if you can manage to do so, it’ll streamline the process and make it a lot easier for your team. 

Now that we have an idea of how to get started on your content creation strategy, here are a few examples of some great formats to implement for your videos-

  • Explainer Videos- They serve as great introductions to your brand and are also guaranteed ways to engage with the audience through your content. 
  • Product Videos- Simple, effective, and the most direct form of marketing there is.
  • Customer Testimonials and Feedback Videos- Marketing your positive feedback can go a long way with getting potential new ones. 
  • Social content- Content created for social media platforms is a great way of inspiring a new audience through your creativity and has huge potential for positive engagement.

InVideo is an avant-garde editing tool that you can use to make any of the above-mentioned videos. Create high-quality videos at your convenience. 

Summing up

Video Marketing is an industry with endless potential that only continues to grow into the new year of 2022. With the overview we’ve given you into creating a comprehensive digital video marketing strategy for your brand, we hope you can find the right creative content to inspire and engage with audiences all over. 

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