Unblocked Games 76

Unblocked Games 76
Unblocked Games 76

Introduction Of Unblocked Games 76

Every year many games are launched. Some of them mark their names in history. But after some years and decades, they vanish and could not be installed again. If anyone of you guys is looking for some old game that is not available now in the modern era or your system and Wi-Fi has restricted the installation of games then just use Unblocked Games 76. It’s a google site where all blocked games can be played without any downloading.

Notably, this game has both the HTML5 unblocked games and flash games. Moreover, this site provides not only some games but more than 1500 games are available. All of these games are filled with so much excitement.  So if you are in your school, office or other enterprises where installation of games and other websites are blocked then use this site and play games. As you just need to download one site and can play all the games without their installations.

Categories Of Games

The provided site has many various categories of games. Well some of them are discussed below

Arcade games

Various arcades games are available to play in which Slope Balls, Tunnel Rush, and VeX4 are included.

Driving cars games

For those who are interested in cars, race, speed, drifting, tailing then this category is for them. To enjoy these features they can play Hunters unblocked, and Drift. Further, to compete with other players then choose games like Madalin Stunt Cars 2 Unblocked. Play MotoX3M if you want to enjoy bikes.

Shooting Games

Those people who love shooting and targeting the target can play Rooftop Snipers and Gun Mayhem. In addition to this if you want to take this shooting game into a multiplayer shooting game then play Modern Block Paint and 1v1 LOL Unblocked. Third if you are interested in two players game then choose Fire boy, Basketball legends, Water girl and Tank Trouble.

IO Unblocked Games No Flash

This is the most popular category including games like Zombs Royal and Shell Shockers. But these games will not be always unblocked and will be blocked sometimes.

Popular Games Of Unblocked Games 76

Few of the vastly demanding and outstanding games of this sites are named below.

  • Water girl1
  • Fire boy
  • Drunken Duel 2
  • Combat Touament Legends
  • Take Sunset
  • Super Smash Flash 2
  • Car Eats Car Evil Cats
  • Bottle Flip 3D
  • Meon Blaster
  • is
  • Granny
  • Ball Mayhem
  • Getaway Shootout
  • Among Us
  • Call of ops
  • Combat cubic arena
  • Squad royal
  • Bullet Party CS 2
  • Dinosaurs Jurassic
  • Rooftop shooter
  • Modern Blocky Paint
  • Leader Strike
  • Pixel warfare
  • Xtreme Good Guys
  • Block gunpoint ball
  • Among us unblock 46
  • Paint 46
  • Block gun paint unblocked
  • Snake unblocked 46
  • Drift hunter unblocked
  • Temple run game

How to use Unblocked Games 76

First of all, install the application on your mobiles. When you are done with installation then a page of the gthe name will be opened. To search the game easily the site has convenient alphabet letters on the top of the page in the name of the games. In the meantime, one can also search the game accordion to different categories like shooting games, arcade games, and car driving games.

Pros And Cons Of Unblocked Games 76

Getting all the blocked game unblocked is easy while having some cons and pros listed below


  • The site is easily installed
  • It is easy to use and start
  • Games can be played with a few clicks without the installation of such heavy files
  • This site can be used in offices and schools where Wi-Fi and system have blocked the installation of such games.
  • Games can be searched easily.
  • Safe to use.


  • Games are not smooth
  • Games can’t be controlled easily due to the HTML version
  • Players will not get the experience of the real games.

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How To Start Unblocked Games 76

To start playing games just follow the guided steps

  • Search the term “ Hotspot Shield”  from any app center or play store.
  • Select an item for your device and install it.
  • Last but not the least, connect your hotspot shield so that you can continue further.


Q What is Unblocked Games 76?

It’s a Google site where one can access all unblocked games without their installation.

Q What categories of games can be played on this site?

Different games can be played on this site either one player, two players, multiplayer, arcade games, shooting games, bike games cars games, or other genre games.

Q How many a game can be played on this site?

The site has a tremendous number of games to play like more than 1500 games are available.

Q Does install this site have some cons?

No, the site does not have such cons that can disturb your privacy but some cons like games will be hard to handle.

Q Can I play temple run on this site?

U3s, one can play temple run in this site and also ball mayhem, water girl1, fore boy, call of ops 2, and many more.

Q Can players play HTML5 and flash games here?

Of course, one can play flash games and also HTML5 unblocked games.  The


To summarize, I will say use this site now if you want to get all of your blocked games unblocked for free. Getting this app is easy and using is easier. It’s a Google site where blocked games are unblocked already. 1500+ games are waiting for players to enjoy them. Enjoy both flash games and HTML5 unblocked games. Even the site has alphabets letter to search the game. On contrary, it also jas the category section for searching games.

This site is especially for those students in schools and people in the office where downloading games are restricted. Numerous arcade games, shooting games, adventure games, racing games will be available to play. Famous games like temple run, modern blocky paint, granny, block guns paintballs, pixel welfare, rooftop shooter, squad royal, call of ops 2, bottle flip 3d are included.

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