Vaping voyage: a beginner’s guide to common vaping mistakes

Vaping voyage

Vaping may seem a little tricky to get the hang of, especially if you’re used to quickly lighting up a cigarette to get your fix. Of course, vaporizers are electric instruments designed to produce a fine, inhalable vapour, and there are heaps of different brands and models out there that make this happen.

Therefore, it’s only natural that vaping might be something you will need to get used to, but there is also a list of common mistakes people make when first entering the vape game.

So, grab your Geekvape Aegis Solo or whatever other vape you’re starting out with – here are four common beginner’s vaping mistakes to avoid:

  • Not cleaning your tank

When you start vaping you are entering a world of flavour opportunity. Therefore, you might want to mix it up with every new eJuice you purchase. This is a good idea, as it can help you find a flavour you like more than one you assumed you would have liked the most.

However, you don’t want the last flavour you tried to taint the new flavour, something known as “flavour ghosting”. So, give your tank a clean every time you change your eJuice.

You might want to clean the tank even if you keep the same juice, just to ensure it is always fresh and clean!

  • Vaping in the wrong places

You might be making the cigarette – vape transition, and therefore might think that the vapour’s smell and plume is less unpleasant for others than your old cigarette smoke.

However, this doesn’t mean people want you exhaling thick watermelon vapour in their faces, either. Many people have an aversion to smoke and vapour of all kinds, and would prefer it if you weren’t vaping in their faces at the tram stop, so just be aware of public vape etiquette when out and about with your new vape.

  • Overflowing the tank

Many beginners think that they should be getting an ultra hit from their vape, and this is especially so when the vape user has just made the cigarette – vape switch.

However, if you find that you are not getting the complete hit from the vapour, this doesn’t mean there is a problem with the vape, and often instead means you have a vapour with only a little bit of nicotine in it.

The last thing you want to do is overfill your vape tank – this will not increase the throat vape hit, but it will actually clog up the vape and make the experience 10 times worse!

  • Not trying out new flavours

Sure, you might have loved getting your hands on an elusive grape Fanta when you were younger, but that doesn’t mean that grape-flavoured eJuice is going to be your one and only!

There are literally hundreds of different eJuice flavours you can trial, test, taste and ultimately decide is your new favourite, so why would you want to try one, assume it’s the best there is and stick to it?

  • Getting a cheap kit

At the end of the day, a cheap vape is only going to let you down. Vapes are electrical instruments that can potentially save you hundreds on what you may have spent on cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean you should buy a cheap one, especially if you plan on using them to quit cigarettes for good!

Why? Because cheap vapes often don’t work properly, don’t provide a good experience and break easily, so they are something that should always be avoided if you plan to enjoy your early vaping experiences.

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