Vastu consultant in Delhi reveals the features of Sosa and Papayaksma energy fields!

Vastu consultant in Delhi

As per  vastu consultant in Delhi it requires extensive knowledge of vastu purush mandala to carry out complete vastu evaluation of any vastu, let it be home or office or shop. 

Only with the full disclosure of the nature of the vastu purush mandala, can vastu consultant in Delhi offer useful insight about the property and its ideal floor plan. 

Out of all 45 energy fields in the vastu, 13 are present in the inner field and remaining 32 are present in the outer field. Each of these energies are unique in its nature and influence the overall vastu of the property. 

It will become too lengthy to discuss all 45 energy fields in a single place. So, we have taken the liberty to break them down in segment for clearer understanding of everyone. 

In this following section, Vastu consultant in Delhi shares details of 2 such outer energy fields of vastu purush mandala. 

Let us discuss their features one by one with the help of vastu expert. 

  1. Sosa- the sosa energy field is positive. It offers the energy to remove all the negative aspects of your life.

It often happens that despite getting the best facility possible, you just cannot focus on good things in life. You keep getting affected due to some negativity in your life. 

These negativities can be of many origins like lack of peace in domestic affairs, poor education or job status, weak state of mind, and so on. 

It might be due to the weakened state of sosa energy field. If the sosa energy is strong in your vastu, you will be able to lead a hassle free life in general. 

Thus, Vastu consultant in Delhi highly focuses on boosting this energy field in every vastu. 

  1. Papayaksma- unlike many other, the papayaksma energy field is a negative one in the vastu. It brings out several negative aspects of life. 

The papayaksma energy can severely affect the standard of life of the occupants in general. If it is left weakened, it will give rise to diseases, alcoholism and weak mindset in its occupants. 

Needless to say, neither of the above mentioned attribute is going to do any good for the occupants. Moreover, dealing with the for a long run can actually adversely affect the individual in a permanent way as well. 

Thus it is best left unutilized without vastu correction from Vastu consultant in Delhi. Only if an expert vastuvid offers specific instruction to correct this pada, don’t use it randomly.

Both these energy fields are present in the north west zone of vastu purush mandala. There are many other energy fields in all around the vastu, that might do good or harm to its occupants. 

To make sure it causes no harm, and offer only its good attributes, you must get them overviewed by expert vastuvid in the city. 

Find out more about other energy fields of vastu purush mandala from Vastu consultant in Delhi. Contact Vaastu Mangaal for any query. 

Description-In this blog Vastu consultant in Delhi will explain all about Sosa and Papayaksma energy fields in vastu.

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