Ways To Use Bitcoin Anonymously


We know that the real magic happens when you use your bitcoins anonymously. It protects your identity and helps you remain safe and secure.

This way no one would be able to trace you, giving you the best advantage of keeping your bitcoins safe and sound. Bitcoin is emerging as the currency of the future. Also, it is, undoubtedly, the most worthy cryptocurrency that there is.

With emerging technology, bitcoin use has increased massively.

Bitcoin transactions are anonymous? :

This, as we know, is a task in itself to conceal the original identity, while you’re purchasing bitcoins.

It’s difficult to use digital currency and not leave digital footprints behind. Owing to this, it’s not hard to understand that you’re easily traceable.

It is a point to note that, while designing a bitcoin transaction it is not associated with a person or identity. Only an alphanumeric string is used as an address of the bitcoin transaction.

  • Bitcoin wallet: The privacy of the bitcoin wallet matters more than anything, at this point. It’s hard to keep bitcoins safe, especially because you do not know who is keeping a track of your addresses via the transactions you make on the blockchain network.

This makes it even more necessary to keep yourself anonymous on the network, while you transact.

As we know, a bitcoin wallet is just an address where we store our digital currency.

Similarly, the bitcoin address is a specific address where you can receive digital money. By using this address, you can send the bitcoin currency to others. You can choose your bitcoin wallet as per your preference. It is recommended to choose an anonymous wallet for the same.

The higher the amount involved, the higher the risk and it becomes necessary for bitcoin owners to ensure that their digital currency is safe at all fronts.

Let’s talk about what a bitcoin mixer is. So, it is said that the most common way to make a bitcoin transaction anonymously, is by using the bitcoin mixer. It is a public ledger that records the data related to bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin mixers help in concealing the identity of bitcoin users efficiently.

If you’re someone who trades in bitcoin, you must be knowing how important it is to maintain security by hiding the information of the sender, on the network. Or else, your digital currency is exposed to greater risk, if your address is revealed to the public.

Bitcoin Mixers make it quite easier to use and maintain security and privacy while transacting bitcoins.

However, what you must know is that it is not free of cost. It’s a special service that individuals choose who wish to keep their identity concealed or hidden. The main reason behind keeping one’s identity hidden is to save oneself from complex legal procedures. Bitcoin mixer is not the only option you can use, to keep your transactions anonymous.

Tor browser is yet another alternative to it.

You can get connected to the blockchain network, by using the Tor browser.

A benefit of this is, it provides surveillance-free internet usage.

Rules of anonymity are something this browser takes seriously.

You may also find another browser that is automatically connected to the Tor browser, named Brave browser. It is more efficient and quick than Chrome. It is an in-built feature in the Tor browser.

It’s hard to track the transactions made using the Tor browser. None of your activities or transactions can be tracked on the IP address of your device as they are made anonymously. Then, there is this Logless VPN that helps you leave no trace of your transactions.

Another option is using a New Address. This is significant if you do not want to adopt any of the options that we have already discussed. You can opt for generating a new address every time you want to receive or send bitcoins. This would keep your transactions safe and secure. Maintaining privacy and secrecy is of utmost importance and a significant step for safeguarding your digital money.


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