What are American Kratom Association standards for Kratom?

American Kratom
American Kratom

Kratom is a worldwide famous herbal plant first grown in Southeast Asia. With its growing popularity and demand, its cultivation has started in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many other countries to satisfy the surging needs of locals. The older the herbal plants, the more beneficial they become for people. Mitragynine gets widely used across the US and other countries. Earlier it has struggled to survive the ban imposed by FDA on it, and now it has become a widely used alternative for opioids. You can get it from any dispensary, nearby gas station or buy from online vendors like golden monk. People into Kratom and its sales might have come across the word AKA.

What is American Kratom Association (AKA)?

Kratom sells its sales, its impact on people’s lives and health, and the economy need to be monitored by any organization. Several companies and organizations make our lives easy and smooth by working hard. AKA is one such Association, the acronym for American Kratom Association. This Association was established in 2014 and officially launched for the people two years later, in 2016. The group of people constituting this Association keeps an eye on the legality and safety of mitragynine for the people. It is a non-profitable organization that makes Kratom easily and legally accessible to all people. It also protects the rights of Kratom users in the US.

AKA claims that every individual has the right to choose their way of living, and no one can push you to make wrong choices. The organization achieves this by raising the standards, improving processes, ensuring the safety and accessibility of mitragynine. To protect the rights of the herb dealers and consumers, the Association is taking steps and imposing laws to end the unlawful activities in this business. AKA believes that Kratom is a potential cure for multiple health disorders and offers a range of benefits to people. Looking at the medicinal properties of this plant, the Association educates people more about the wellness matters linked with the plant. It labels the Kratom products with all the necessary details and caution.

GMP Compliance Program Initiative for Kratom Safety

To closely scrutinize the work safety and delivery of the herb, AKA has initiated a program called Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The task of this GMP program unit is to check for purity, credibility, and safety in Kratom before it gets supplied to the vendors. Before the herb comes into the hands of the local vendors, a proper check is required to match it with the set standards. This responsibility has come on the shoulder of the GMP Unit. It also involves lab testing for a complete quality check. Establishing this program was to deliver organic herbs to the people, almost unadulterated.

As a consumer forum for the Kratom users, AKA bagged a big success by raising manufacturing standards for the vendors. The main aim of AKA is to support its customers, make global awareness for Kratom products, educate the people about it and maintain its quality standards. For this, the Association did thorough research and formulated some standards. Abiding the standards will refine the quality and promote safety in the mitragynine products.

Kratom Standards by the Good Manufacturing Program

Every industry has set a benchmark for the acceptable quality of the products. To comply with those standards in the case of Kratom, GMP takes the lead. It has laid down some standards and rules for all the dealers. It will make their products eligible for sale in the market. These standards cover all the stages of the Kratom manufacturing process, from its processing, labeling, packing, testing to marketing. The standards need to be followed by all the manufacturers. Violating them will throw the dealers out of the program. The companies also need to get their audit done yearly by any third party for maintaining membership in the GMP program.

Vendors that adhere to the standards and produce quality mitragynine to GMP get an edge over the other vendors. Their products have higher chances to gain more customers as they abide by the safety and quality standards. Additionally, other countries plan to ban Kratom as some vendors produce ambiguous data even after implementing compliance programs like GMP. To combat this brewing problem, under the nose of AKA, the GMP program performs additional checks. These double checks ensure the complete safety of people from Kratom. These step by the GMP and AKA has eliminated the contamination problem for the Kratom products. Earlier, mitragynine products were not original and garnered contaminants while undergoing processing.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

There are only a few rules and regulations that supervise the processing and sale of herbal products. There was a dire need for a Law or Act that protects the consumers from using the contaminated mitragynine. The consumer protection act took birth in the US for giving consumers their legal rights for purchasing Kratom. It also restricts the sale of harmful drugs. This Act gets managed by American Kratom Association and its Attorneys. Currently, the Act works on the State level. As soon as the state gives a permit to this Consumer Protection Act, it will come into force and start to secure the rights of the people. As the Act applies to the state government, every state will have its unique terms.


Kratom is a very familiar term to most people. Its healing wonders are no more a secret to the world. People are happily buying and using its products. With its rising sale, the American Kratom Association came into existence. The Association protects the consumers from fake and tainted mitragynine products. It thrives on maintaining the quality of products before it gets supplied to the local users. For this, AKA has created a GMP compliance program. The Good Manufacturing program has published some standards for Kratom manufacturing. The work of the program unit is to check for the validation of the standards but before incorporating Kratom in your life, make sure you get a guide to Kratom strains from a doctor first. 

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