What Are The Hairiest Dog Breeds?


Some people really love hairy dogs. The more hair, the better they say. You just want to dive into that fluffiness and forget about the problems of the world. If you have caught yourself looking at pictures of fluffy and hairy dogs more than once, maybe it’s time to get one for yourself as well?

Hairy dogs require more maintenance, sure, but that’s what so amazing about them. You can leave their hair shorter or longer, based on what you prefer, but as long as it doesn’t interfere with their sight. Follow the link for more

Since there are plenty of breeds, and all of them have hair, we need to distinguish the hairiest dogs in the world. Once you discover them, you can make a decision whether you want to take care of one or not. Here are the most famous hairy breeds you need to know about:



Although you could be forgiven for thinking that your mop has begun to sprint across your floor, the coating of cord-like fur on this rare Hungarian breed is a significant contributor to this occurrence, according to the breed’s owner.

These dogs were developed to look after sheep and other animals, and their fur not only lets them to blend in with their surroundings, but it also offers them with extra protection from harsh weather and predators, as well. Komondors are good pets since they are naturally protective animals that will guard their family and home until the cows return from the fields. If you want the right guardian for your property, consider getting this breed!

Lhasa Apso

It may be small, but it has a substantial amount of hair on it! In addition to being one of the world’s tiniest and hairiest breeds, the Lhasa Apso has its origins in Tibet, where its thick coat protected it from the extreme temperatures that prevailed there. Despite their cute exterior, Lhasa Apsos are tough, industrious, and powerful dogs (for generations, this breed worked as a guard for isolated Tibetan monasteries), and it’s often believed that when a dog looks in the mirror, it envisions a lion! Read more on this page.

Afghan Hound

When it comes to intricacy, the Afghan Hound is without a doubt the most outstanding model within the group of dogs. With its lovely flowing hair, slim stature, and exotic face, this dog would not seem out of place on the catwalks of Paris!

Developed primarily to hunt large game in Afghanistan’s mountains and deserts, in which its velvety long coat offered much-needed shelter against the weather, the Afghan Hound is now found around the world. The fact that it has made supermodel appearances does not negate the fact that it has a certain bit of attitude.

In terms of whether they want affection or to be caressed, Afghans are well-known for making their own decisions – and they always do it according to their own set of rules. They are independent and free-thinking, but they are also a lot of fun to have around as a family pet since they are so lively.


Just take a look at the picture above! What’s not to love? A breed of dog that developed in the Netherlands, the Keeshond was originally used as a guardian and companion aboard barges sailing through the rivers and canals of Holland during the 17th and 18th centuries, and it is still in existence today.

Unlike other dogs, Keeshonds have a mischievous and lush grey coat with a unique huge ruff of fur around their necks that helps to differentiate them from the rest of the pack. Keeshonds, despite their small stature, are exceptionally friendly and caring canines who make wonderful family pets and companion animals.

American Eskimo

The American Eskimo dog is a well-loved companion animal as well as a popular show dog breed in Germany, where it has been around for quite some time. Historically, the German Spitz was the name given to the breed, and it is still used today.

American Eskimo was given to the dog as a result of the anti-German sentiment that existed in the United States following World War I. The dog is full of life, is intelligent, and is very stunning. They have satiny and soft hair, which adds to their overall beauty and cuteness as a result of their appearance. All three sizes of dogs are variants of the same breed: a tiny, a toy, and a standard-sized dog. You need to find out a great resource for dog breeds if you want to discover more information because there are a lot hairier breeds out there.


The Briard is a long-haired dog breed that originated in France and is still alive and well in the modern world. Following the success of the Paris Dog Show in 1863, the dog achieved global popularity. The dog is a medium-sized companion with a small height and a coat that is generally black or grey in color.

The dog’s body is covered in long, silky, smooth, and coarse hairs that have a smooth and silky texture and are both smooth and silky in appearance. The top of the head, as well as the eyes and ears, are hidden by the long locks of hair. The long hairs on the legs give them a wide and velvety appearance, which is due to their length.


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