What Canadian Cities Are the Most Diverse?

Canadian Cities
What Canadian Cities Are the Most Diverse?

Canada is the second-largest country in the world in terms of physical space, so it only makes sense that it’s home to a huge assortment of people.  Cities are by far the quickest places to find diversity, but which cities hold the most variety?

These are the most diverse cities in Canada, and some reasons why they’re incredible places to move.


Toronto has been recognized by the BBC and the United Nations as the most diverse city globally.  Standing apart from the rest of the cities on this list, it’s proud to say that over half of the people who own real estate in Toronto were born outside of Canada.

Toronto doesn’t attempt to homogenize these cultures and instead encourages people to show off and celebrate what sets them apart.  This has allowed the city to gain a reputation as a home to artists and creatives.  This is an awesome place to live if you feel at home by being different, just like everyone else.


As the capital of Canada, Ottawa prides itself by being home to Canadians of countless walks of life.  Originally settled by Irish and French colonists, it’s become a large mixture of people from all around the world. 

Ottawa takes pride in its ethnic and linguistic diversity and its religious diversity, which has allowed a lot of people to feel free to express themselves as they are.  


Victoria is a fantastic art-focused city in British Columbia that’s proved itself time and time again to be acceptable to someone from any walk of life.  Victoria is ethnically and culturally diverse, accepting people from all walks of life regardless of sexuality, gender expression, religion, and ethnicity.

This is awesome for the creative people here because diversity encourages more creative thoughts and helps people gain perspective outside of their place in life.


Dubbed the Hollywood of Canada, Vancouver is a glowing gem in the crown of Canada.  Not only is it thick with tech companies that work to improve the quality of life that live here, but it’s also incredibly forward-thinking when it comes to diversity. 

The demographic of the area shows that just behind a 46% population of European Canadians, 43% are Asian Canadians, ranging from Chinese to Southeast Asian Canadians.  This ensures a widespread of thoughts and creativity, which gives it the chance to grow into an even more welcoming city.


If you love a city that believes in growing and learning from its past, Calgary is the place to go.  Although this area is best known for the Calgary Stampede and cowboy culture, it’s also an incredibly diverse business hub.  Almost 30% of those who live in Calgary were born outside of Canada, and the city is home to over 140 different languages identified and spoken across the country.

In addition, with people of over 240 ethnic origins, it’s ranked third in Canada’s proportion of visible minorities. Canada is proud of the diversity of those who live here and the number of ways that they can spend their lives!

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