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It’s no secret that those companies that follow global trends ruled the world. They implement new solutions rapidly, including in the HR industry, that helps companies to remain market leaders and work with the best employees. Let’s look into the near future and try to predict the global HR trends in 2023, which many successful companies are already following.

  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) will continue to grow globally

Quite a few examples of recruitment outsourcing have already appeared today, and the “implant” option is well known. We are talking about the fact that a recruitment agency does not just work closely with its client, but singles out an individual specialist and sends him to the company, where he delves into all corporate nuances, which helps to fill vacancies.

  • Hybrid and remote work will become more attractive for the employee

A hybrid and remote work format are now clearly on everyone’s lips. Thus, the freelancing market is developing, and the HR department needs to prepare for the possibility of hiring even more remote freelancers in the coming year, this means learning more about international global payroll to pay employees worldwide. Companies that are flexible on this issue will be more attractive to candidates, and even if the world beats the pandemic, the return to the office will be minimal.

  • Hiring and keeping employees will remain an enormous challenge

The phenomenon that people have often changed jobs in recent years is very common, especially among junior employees. If earlier frequent transitions were bad manners, now it’s the other way around: if an employee stays in the company for over five years, then this is considered a warning. For some areas, such as IT, the numbers are quite interesting; many do not work in one company for more than a year. In the USA, if you are a developer and change jobs once a year, then you are no longer a job hopper.

  • Recruiting will become more and more like a marketing function

Not only recruiting, but HR is increasingly using marketing tools. For example, topics such as eNPS and EJM have recently been discussed (these tools have a marketing pedigree). Or, for example, the topic “HR-landing”.

  • People Analytics will slowly move towards becoming a mainstay for HR and recruiting

Analytics is in no hurry to enter the HR industry for various reasons. The main reason is that it needs a decent amount of data to work properly; it’s like in some cars the engine runs most efficiently at certain RPMs. That is why experts predict the use of People Analytics primarily in large companies, where it makes at least some sense.

  • Augmented and virtual reality will become part of the recruitment process

There are already very interesting examples of the use of AR and VR in personnel management, in particular in onboarding, and only a couple of tens of percent estimate them this year. The most amazing thing is that there are examples of the use of VR technologies in recruitment, training, and events in the market. Therefore, if this already exists in third world countries, then surely in developed countries this direction should have an even more optimistic future in 2023.

  • The value and importance of diversity will increase

Many HR support companies’ policies in this direction. Some predict the growth of only 5-10%, while others consider it a trend. Many large companies have committed themselves to dive. But commitments made are often not fulfilled.

  • The candidate’s experience will be better implemented

Experts are talking about the eternal problem – the communication of recruiters with candidates. Candidates still complain about not receiving feedback after submitting resumes, poor communications, terrible career websites, and non-existent job postings. By the way, candidates take revenge for such treatment, hence the spread of such a phenomenon as ghosting. In a word, all this disgrace will continue, and there are few chances for improvement, even in the “candidate market”.

  • Talent Intelligence will simplify sourcing

Sourcing appeared thanks to the IT industry, where the so-called sources (specialists who search for candidates from certain sources) now work. Interestingly, sourcing has moved away from recruiting. Sources work with information, and recruiters work directly with candidates.

  • Internal mobility is a buzzword for 2023

The age-old theme of an internal candidate vs external candidate, in which there are disputes about the advantages of internal recruitment. Moreover, the emphasis on the internal candidate is put under the pressure of the market, where the competition for good specialists is increasing every year. However, for internal mobility to work at full capacity, companies must acquire HRIS, that is, a human resource information system.

The HR industry will continue to focus on candidates and become digital. Those who did not have time to automate their HR processes in 2022 will certainly do it soon. In addition, the time saved on routine tasks will be spent by HR specialists on retaining talent and drawing up a new HR strategy that will consider all the features of new trends.

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