What Is Grounding, and Can It Help Improve Your Health?


Also known as Earthing, grounding is a recent matter of research among scientists. Popularly being passed on as an abstract practice about spiritual alignment, it is only recently that few scientific studies have given a comparatively more transparent and more rational outlook of what grounding is.

The preachers of grounding define it as an activity used to establish direct or indirect contact between the human body and Earth. They believe it helps the body in contact with the ground gain a free supply of electrons, thus aligning their bodies with the electrical frequency of Earth and nature, in general.

How to perform grounding?

That it is known grounding involves creating contact with the ground; all one has to figure out is how to establish contact. Since the aim is to make brainstorming easy for you, here are a few ways you could use for grounding:

Walking barefoot

Who would have thought someone could contact Earth by walking barefoot? Anyway, please give in to your urge the next time you see lush green grasses and wish to walk barefoot on them. Remember, you are performing what they call grounding.

Laying on the ground

If the garden is clean or you are standing on a beach on a summer evening, think of lying on the ground. It might dirty your clothes, but again, anything for grounding. The benefits are worth it.

Dive into that clean lake

How often have you seen your reflection in a clear waterbody that is not artificially created and wondered, “Can I take a sip?” Do not. Instead, take a dip. Grounding is establishing physical contact with a natural water body (rivers, lakes, streams, seas and oceans).

They have some equipment to help you.

The Internet will always amaze you. How will you practice grounding if you do not have access to Earth? Well, then you get yourself one of the grounding equipment. By Earth, one means soil and water. From patches to mats, blankets and socks, you can get yourself any of them.

Can grounding improve your health?

This is a subjective question. What health issues are you referring to? Nutrient deficiency, lifestyle, mental health, infectious, and genetic diseases? Grounding might not cure any of the diseases. It is more of a therapeutic procedure that focuses on improving your immunity. You are likely to experience improvement. But improvement is not the primary cure for the diseases. You need to see a doctor and get the required medical aid outside grounding. Muscle fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular diseases are some of the diseases that seem to benefit most from grounding. However, the diseases will be cured only after taking prescribed medicine by an expert.


Grounding improves an individual’s health to quite an extent. It can improve your health, but it’s not a cure-all. If you’re interested in grounding, we recommend seeing a doctor first to ensure you don’t have any underlying medical conditions that might make grounding more dangerous for you than it would be for someone else.

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