What Is The Scope Of Ui Ux Designer In India

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The User Interface Design (UI Design) is concerned with transforming interface into something functional, something consumable by employing images, typography and other visual design aspects. UI Design goes beyond appearance & visual styling of product, an app or website or video games and includes Voice-Controlled Interface or Gesture Based Interface or Graphical User Interface. This facilitates comfortable and unparallel user experience on navigation and is thus utilised to convey brands strength. UI Design also entails designing of pages, icons & buttons along with its on-screen arrangement, images, colour schemes, typography, interface animations, transitions and any other micro interactions etc., thus augmenting aesthetics.

The User Experience (UX) Design pertains to understanding end users’ complete journey with the product, app or website, right from start to end and transforming it into a product. UX Design entails researching and analysing target audience, their concerns, preferences along with the competition and accordingly develop a smooth, pleasing, convenient, efficient, logical and intuitive user experience. Furthermore, UX Design is also involved in developing Information architecture, building wire frames, prototypes and also testing so as to make sure that the end consumer has a positive user experience thereby building consumer loyalty and positive brand perception.

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  • As of April, 2022, over 5 billion internet users were there worldwide.
  • By 3 quarter of 2022, Google Play app store has 3.55 million apps for Android users, while approximately 1.6 million apps were there for iOS users on Apple app store
  • By 2026, the number of mobile 5G subscription, worldwide, is expected to reach 5 billion.
  • By 2027, it is expected that Indian gaming market will grow at a CAGR of 27%rising to $8.6 billion from $2.6 billion in 2022
  • With 15 billion downloads, India is the world’s largest consumer of mobile games in FY22.
  • Globally, on an average everyday 6 hours and 43 minutes are spent online by internet users.
  • Over 1.98 billion websites are there as of Sept, 2022.

Career Opportunities:

Career opportunities available on completion of Masters in UI/UX Design course:

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  • User Researcher: In order to gain insights about the end customer, his mindsets, his online behaviour etc., he conducts research & analysis thereby ensuring an efficient & better product design.
  • Responsibilities: 
  • Conduct surveys, user study & interviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Identifying user journey
  • Organise usability tests
  • Visual/Graphic Designer: His role involves employing user experience principles & UX research to transform wire frames into appealing & absorbing designs while adhering to brand language & personality.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Craft mood boards
  • Create designs basis mood boards
  • Utilizing icons, typography, graphics, visual effects, colour and layout etc. develop aesthetics
  • Information Architect: He is responsible in determining the way user engages with information, its user flow, the way it is organised & displayed or consumed. Furthermore, he is also involved with understanding user personas, building processes & developing wireframes as well as prototypes.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Display of information on app or website
  • What is the flow of information & how is it organized
  • How information interacts & engages the user
  • Interaction Designer: He is responsible to map out the interaction’s user may have in achieving their objectives while dealing with the digital products like apps & websites. He develops interactive prototypes and test the user experience.
  • Usability Analyst: He is an essential cog in the entire product lifecycle for he ensures that product meets it’s end objective and users are happy with it. He also is involved in analysing and sorting out the existing as well as potential issues that end users may face while using the product. His suggestions continue to shape the product during its lifecycle.   

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